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Zoo Songhai [An S-Rank Deck Guide]


Do tell me how it goes!


Thanks for this list!
I don’t have enough dust for the Spelljammers and only have one Tusk Boas, so I swapped in a couple ES and a Mana Vortex for draw.
Why did you take out a Heaven’s Eclipse?


I wouldn’t suggest the Mana Vortex. The deck literally has only 10 spells (3 of which cost 0). Eph Shroud is a decent replacement.

As for why I took out the second HE, it’s because I’ve realized that I rarely “need” the HE. There are some games where it saves you, but, optimally, you never need it.

I realized that “digging” for HE is never good. Instead, just keep it in your opening hand if you don’t draw the nuts (Headhunter into 2 Opening Gambits). :smiley:

I have a couple of replays that I’ll be posting soon!

Edit: If ou don’t have Jammers and Boars, I suggest swapping in any other 2 drop for Boar. Then, add in extra Blaze Hounds. If you’re running Eph Shrouds, just use Repulsor Beast instead (that’s in my current, more refined, list).

Here’s my current list, if you want:

The addition of a Sunsteel set was a suggestion by CCalmify. I’m testing it out. The Ki Beholders took the boot because they were getting removed instantly. :smiley:

With this list, all 3 Tusk Boars can become Healing Mystics, while both Spelljammers can become Ki Beholders. :smiley:


I’m curious as to how the deck will perform with the new expansion. Here’s a horrible meme I just cooked up.


Riiiight… 3x Inner Focus with ONE target…
You might wanna rethink that.


Oh my bad didn’t even notice. Just substitute them for Sabrespine seals.


Maybe add Golem Metallurgist and Golem Vanquisher for complete set (and give more value to your golems) :wink:


Backstabbing golem with provoke :fearful:


The answer is that the deck is dead in the new expansion. Everyone got so much removal/AoE that none of your units stay alive. Besides, Foxes, Skorn, and Spelljammer were all nerfed, making this deck’s CORE significantly weaker.

I have been trying out new decks and will post about them if any are good enough.

As for your deck, you’re playing Songhai. The fact that you have a 5, 6, and 7 drop that doesn’t insta-win you the game is a big problem.


Yes I know. I just though it might be interesting to have high mobility golems.


I see. Well, I hope it works out, then?


sorry, how do you get that statistics board?


I think it’s one of @t2k5’s scripts. The thread with the scripts is on the forums somewhere.

Probably Somewhere? Don’t worry you’ll find it! Just follow the gray search funtion on the top right just to the side of the thing to the side of your portrait! Or just click on the link above! Come to think of it, why are you reading this? Banana, Orange, Strawberry, Apple, wonder if they’re still reading Hmmmmm…

Probably not.


I played a very zoo-ey songhai at rank 2 last season but I wasn’t able to make it s-rank worthy (at least not with my schedule). It needs some work.


Ancestral divination and heaven’s eclipse are there for testing purposes, unfortunately both of them are only really good when you already have a board, but spelljammers are not enough by themselves. Could probably make space for lantern fox and either phoenix fire or ethereal blades somewhere. Foxes would probably be better as pseudo draw but I disenchanted them after the balance changes and haven’t committed to reenchanting them yet (even though they’re still played).

Problem matchup right now is mainly lyonar because big fat overstatted minions are a problem, sunbloom is a problem (we like clumping up in squares and can’t get out of range), and there’s always the threat of tempest tech even though a lot of decks skip the tempests. Cassyva can be scary too if we don’t get onyx bear seals for big juggernauts, and sometimes magmar just has all the answers in hand (flash makantor plz).


Yeah. Your deck seems to be having a lot of problems with the usual match-ups.

It’s very different from my deck, though! I like it. People have been experimenting with Onyx Jaguar, but my real question is why run Reva when you’re running Mikrblood and Jaguar?


Found it :slight_smile: Many thanks for the help mate. I’m fine with your sarcastic-ism though. My 1st time editing these kinds of scripts actually.


It’s a number of reasons: for one, it made sense when I started. I wanted to go with a board flood strategy and since I didn’t have spelljammers at the time I was relying on divination. Even if divination as my main card draw wasn’t great it’s completely unplayable in Kaleos. Later, I simply thought that with Reva you pretty much always have the ability to plop down heartseekers that turn into big threats as they get buffed and which benefit a lot even going to 2 health from 1, what will all the skorns and alchemists running around. Flooding the board remained the main idea and Kaleos doesn’t do that.

I’ve played my fair share of onyx jaguar decks, and they’re fun, but I haven’t really missed Kaleos BBS in this one so I never switched back. I guess I could try it? It just wasn’t what I was trying to do. Most of the threats don’t need to zip into position in order to kill.


I know the advantages of Reva. I guess it’s just weird that you kept reva even if you don’t actually have any of the “threat buff” cards like Killing Edge or Saberspine seals. Anyway, if the deck works, it works. Kaleos synergizes well with your Onyx Jaguars, Mirkbloods and Katanas, i guess.

But maybe spawning 2 or 3 Heartseekers throughout the game is more useful than the teleport! :smiley:


Here is my song hai deck which allow me to pass to s-rank yesterday.
It’s a lock control deck, you have really good match up against abyssian, and real bad against magmar.