Zirix Starstrider's Ark


Here is the decklist: Replace Jaxi with another 2 drop.

I don’t really like relying on Dervishes, so I don’t run Dunecasters or Etheral Obelysks. This is a non-Dervish focused Flood Deck. Obelysks are to be replaced early game. The deck is straightforward. If you get 1 or 2 Pax’s then you pretty much win the early game. Pax and Shiro are the stars of this deck. Astral Flood and Sworn Sister are all the Card Draw you will need. It is extremely common to completely corner your opponent and stop them from summoning any minions without trading into whatever cannon fodder you have surrounding them. Pandora and Aymara Healer are your lategame win conditions. Both are vulnerable to removal/dispel, but there are plenty of dispel soakers in your deck so chances are they will be able to generate value.

AoE completely destroys this deck. If you suspect that your opponent has AoE, try not to overcommit on the board. Pax is a good counter to AoE, if they can not kill him before the spell is cast.

Potential cards to consider: Inquisitor Kron, Inner Oasis, More copies of Nimbus/Alomancer. If you wanted to go for a Dervish Synergy deck then consider Orb Weaver, Etheral Obelysks, Dune Caster

Thanks for reading, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know.


Portal Guardian seems like a nice fit in this deck seeing as you’re not running a bunch of bulky minions and the obvious synergy.


Oh wow, I can’t believe I forgot him. I had him in the older version, but I forgot to include him.


Looks pretty solid for the most part.
Only thing I noticed was that your late game minions are a bit too one-of.
Id suggest things like removing the Blades and adding another Nimbus, or vice versa.
Id personally drop the Windstorms, but if they’re working for you, keep 'em.
Id try to find space to add a 3rd Aymara just because it’s an amazing card and it’s only gotten better with Shim’zar as it forces your opponent to figure out ways to answer your Nimbii, Aymaras and Pandora.