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Zirix Midrange Swarm

Okay, so here’s my take on Zirix Swarm. I don’t have all the cards yet, missing Sirocco, EMP, Swarm King and Lost, so I can’t tell how strong the build is just yet. It’s all theory crafting at the moment.

Projection + Thunderhorn: Absolute beating. Hitting anything directly causes them to take double damage.
Thunderhorn + Lost: Playing a Thunderhorn will some times cause opponents to spread out if they don’t have an answer for it immediately. This can easily set up Lost to do a bit of damage if not a whole board wipe.
Rae + Fault: Playing fault on curve normally means you don’t get immediate value out of it and your opponent can try to block off your tiles. With Rae that doesn’t happen.
Fault + Kha: Faulting then playing a Kha on the next turn usually means you wipe your opponent’s board.

General aggro mid range swarm style deck. Top of curve is stacked with EMP for just in case and Swarm King. Faulting on curve is our number one priority. Some times you can fault even earlier with the tiles or those given to you by Celebrants.
Golem package gives you some things to do in the early game and while Sirocco is rng he still adds a good bit of pressure to the board that you can capitalize on.
Wish and Dream Shaper give us some much needed card draw to cycle through our deck.
Our late game is pretty powerful being able to generate a ton of minions each turn which as it turns out is difficult to deal with, though our early game does leave a lot to be desired as our golems are typically weak.

You typically want to keep Fault and Rae in your hand, the rest is just game dependent. Don’t worry about trying to look for combos with the other stuff. First hand has about a 90% chance to contain something you can drop so there shouldn’t be an issue there.

Threats to this deck:
Faster aggro - We don’t run a lot of stuff that can hold off another aggro deck in the early game other than body blockers. Playing defensive here and trying to get the swarm out as fast as possible is your best shot. Sirocco is dangerous to use since if RNGeesus decides he doesn’t like you today you can get a 5 mana do nothing. Best things to do would be try to create a hole in their minions and blast away with a Lost in the Desert to bide some time. Some times Projection can function in the same manner.

AoE dispel/tiles - Lyonar has access to Sun Bloom/Hallowed Ground, Abyssian has Creep, and Magmar has primal flourish. Everyone can utilize Light Bender. All of these are either annoying or down right detrimental to our gameplan, especially if for some reason we can’t get a Rae out with our Fault. If you suspect the enemy is playing any of these cards holding onto a second Fault isn’t a terrible idea.

Burn - If misplayed this deck can absolutely murder you. Best bet is to not use Zirix for attacking too much if you can help and try to play more defensively with your general.

Worries with the deck:
I feel like the deck would like one more card draw effect. A similar deck I’ve noticed runs Spell Jammer, not sure about that. I have tried out L’Kian in the past and some times she feels good some times she just give us trash.

Right now I’m looking for a three drop to add to the deck. It’s between Portal Guardian, Ghoulie and Repulsor Beast. Guardian gives us a strong candidate that plays very nicely with our game plan. Ghoulie gives us another thing to bond with Dream Shaper. And Beast gives us an early game “answer” against our biggest threat right now. Thinking Beast is actually better than people are making it out to be. Potential cuts look like maybe…-1 Rae, -1 EMP, -1 Fault? Not sure about the -1 Fault to be honest though. Maybe Sirocco?

So tell me what you guys think and thanks for reading, I know it was a long one!

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My advice is -2 Sirocco, -2 Swarmking, +1 EMP and +3 Portal Guardian. Sirocco is OK but not required in a fault deck. Swarmking is too slow and also seems out of place here. EMP is good in general so 3 of him is OK. Portal guardian is one of the best 3 drops in the game so I would definitely recommend running him if you can.

Given the amount of Aggro on the Ladder right now It might not be a bad Idea to add in a few Azure Heralds. Personally, I would remove LiTD and 1xEMP for 3xAzure Heralds but if you like running the Dessert package that is also perfectly fine, you will just have to burst down Aggro and Burn decks faster than they do that to you.

Your lategame is going to be one of the best in the game currently so you just need to survive to the point where you can overwhelm your opponent with endless Dervishes.

I don’t like the idea of going so far ham with EMP. He doesn’t do anything against the myths, he doesn’t clear board and 7/7 isn’t a major threat in most cases that far into the game. 1 or 2 sounds fine, but 3 just seems like over kill. Definitely don’t want him clogging up my early game hands either which 3 copies of a card typically does.

Portal Guardian is getting some attention from me. It works wonderfully with Fault and Sirocco if he stays around.

Herald could be an idea but I don’t know what I’d cut for him.

Another reason I’m looking at Repulsor Beast is because he synergizes so well with Thunderhorn and LitD.

Swarm King gives us yet another option to combat our biggest foe, that being aggro. If we’re able to safely protect him he does everything we want: clear and establish board presence. Yeah, he is slow and clashes with our main card that we want to get on curve, but I think it might be worth it. One of my toughest matches so far has been Lyonar/Abyssian myth and I think he’d offer some great power vs them. Ooooooor…I could amp up the early game some what to make it faster? Idk really. Keep in mind I’m not playing the post list just yet, but I am running a Fault/Kha deck and it just feels so bad since their late game feels a tad bit stronger than mine.

How does the draw look to you? Some times it feels fine, other games it doesn’t. Almost feels like a 50/50 on that aspect.




This is just Lost Vet but with Fault Kha and Swarm King…

i know it was sarcasm


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So right now I’m running:

Haven’t gotten the Guardians or Sirocco to test out yet. Played the deck from rank 9 all the way to rank 5 doing okay. Card draw actually seems fine, least in the early game anyways. Feel like around turn 8/9 I start to sputter out. Need some other card draw tagged onto a body, but I don’t like Spell Jammer giving my opponent stuff. L’Kian might find her way back in since in the worst case scenario I can just replace her trash.

In the matches that Projections mattered it really won me the game I feel. Other times I just replaced it. Didn’t feel bad since I was only running two so drawing another later on was unlikely.

LitD is harder to play with than I thought. However, it’s just like Projections. Late game the combo potential with Repulsor/Thunderhorn was really strong though.

And Swarm King is in the same boat as the other two. Of course, only running one feels like it sways the real statistics of playing two, but we’ll see.

Repulsor felt good, but many times I felt like if I had a Guardian I could had won the game much faster. Especially those rounds where I exploded my golems onto the field like crazy. Gonna test out Guardians soon.

Nother tech idea I had is the possiblity of running Astral Phasing over Projections. It costs more yes, but it can really set up turns where Thunderhorn and Portal Guardian shine. Of course this could lead to a worse match up vs swarm lists. Which…that match up is already not favored if they’re fast.

Edit: There’s actually a 3rd Rae in the list, my bad x3

believe me brother, everyone here knows exactly what this deck is doing, however, seems good:)

Next steps are, I guess: “Look, I made a Wanderer Ragnora” then “Check my burn Starhorn” :wink:


“you’ll never believe what my new deck is doing, it’s got only one copy for each card and a pimp card which then steamroll you and your whole family forcing you to live in a box under a bridge next to a junky hobo with no legs”


Okay, people that are just being sarcastic or hateful need to step off. I’m only looking for real help or advice. If you have nothing to contribute then don’t reply. Thanks to all those that did help! :slight_smile:

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We got no hate towards you brother, just that you give it as an original idea and it is the strongest deck in the meta that everyone encounter.

It feels wierd when you explain how it works XD

I never once said it was original, in fact I put it together based off the top two Zirix decks as of late and tried to throw my own spin on it. Trying to make it more viable against the current meta. I’m not a S-Rank player, so that’s why I came here looking for help. So that I can make the deck better able to perform against what I’m most likely to see. And explaining how a deck functions and your card choices is always good for when a newbie stumbles upon the post. Just feels pretty shit when the majority of the comments are just snide remarks about how it’s unoriginal.


It’s all good man, we love you:)
Just made a little fun out of you

Too bad you had to take out Sirocco! I admit it’s not exactly meta at the moment, but it is my favorite Vetruvian minion. This is a Golem-focused Zirix list I’m running right now. It may not be as powerful as a Fault deck, but it’s cheaper, and so much more fun.

Well I still haven’t gotten a pair of Sirocco to try out yet x3

15 spells seems to be my biggest concern with this list. Feels like that’s a touch too many. How often do you find yourself with too many of those and not enough threats? Might be okay since you’re running the Dreamshapers and Wishes but it still worries me.

How useful is WCGolem? Not a fan of big dumb beaters myself. Maybe take him out and something else for a set of Portal Guardians? Or get you a set of Boulder Breachers?

I’ve been playing this list for many seasons now, and I personally find the number of spells to be quite comfortable for my playing style. Kinematic Projection is great with Thunderhorn, Inner Oasis are fantastic with Sirocco, and Cosmic Flesh is a valuable play on the 2 drop Golems, so they all have their uses. If you’d rather prefer a more minion-based deck, I would recommend taking out 1 Kinematic Projection and maybe Cosmic Flesh.

Worldcore is another personal favorite of mine, and that’s why I run it, so it’s completely fine if you take it out. Being a 9 drop, it usually doesn’t see much play, but when it does, it’s quite powerful. The opponent may not have any removal left by the time Worldcore hits the board, and Golems are naturally resistant to dispel effects as well. As a side note, if you use Kinematic Projection on a Worldcore, that’s an instant win.

I don’t have Portal Guardians yet, but I have a feeling Repulsor Beast would be more useful. As for Boulder Breacher, I don’t run it there are a lot better things you can do with 5 mana, such as a Sirocco or BoA.

As memetastic as Projections on WC is, don’t think I’ma throw him into my list any time soon. Nice to see some one is getting some use out of him though!

I just made my set of Guardians this morning after I received my rank reward. They’re doing all right, either drawing out removal bait which is fine for me or putting in a lot of work. I like how in my worst match ups, fast aggro, they don’t typically have a good answer for him. Lyonar’s best answer would be Martyrdom which is okay…gimme 8 life back please. Abyssian has Lure and Transformation, maybe punish. Two of which aren’t the best answers. And Songhai has…pando effects and burn, maybe some tp and backstab?

I’m also running the Guardians along side a set of Repulsors. Don’t want to post my current list right now since I’m constantly tweaking it and trying out some other things, but it’s good so far.

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Have you considered fitting in Mirrorim and Orbrider somewhere in there? I find them both to be good additions in a dedicated Golem deck as using them on Sirocco and Dreamshaper can be quite powerful.

I never thought about Mirrorim with Golems, but Orbrider is an option I’ve been thinking about for a while now. Actually, I think I’m going to go test it now. Thanks for the reminder!