Zirix Dervish help


Hi guys! I just wanted to post my deck here in the forums and see what you guys can suggest to make this deck better

Anyways here’s the decklist:

As you can see, the deck is still missing some cards like aymara, etc. I was actually lucky in opening orbs lol (I got 2 legendaries in some packs). I hope you guys can comment on my decklist and help me improve this further. Thanks!


First,I needa k ow if you’re planning on going all out obelysks or not. Cause if so, you need more obelysks. As for your 5 drops, you have way too many of it. I suggest cutting dancing blades cause if you’re going all out obelysks, the dervishes can cover the “control” aspect of what dancing blades can provide.


Thanks for the feedback! Well now that you’ve mentioned it, I guess it would be better if I’ll go all out obelysks instead


-2 cosmic flash
-2 fireblaze
-1 lightbender
-2 dunecaster
-1 nimbus

+1 aymara
+1 kron
+3 healing mystic
+3 primus fist

You don’t have enough cards to support the devrish synergy so might as well ditch it and go full midrange.


Hey! :slight_smile: Your deck looks pretty good! However, a few things do stand out too me.

  • One of the things that stands out is that you might have too many buffs. Buffs are great, but at the same time are useless without a body and eat up your card advantage. I tried playing a deck with Second Wish, First Wish, and astral Phasing(It checks both Reva and the old Cassyva) and one problem I quickly found was I was burning cards too quickly because of my buffs. Your deck has no card draw, so once you play Cosmic Flesh+ Falcius you’re stuck at 5 to 4 cards.

If this is a problem try cutting Cosmic Flesh. Do you really need it? I get it’s really nice with Nimbus but so is Second Wish and you have Primus Shieldmaster, Kron, and Aymara. Do you need two more provokes?

-Another issue is the Lightbenders. Lightbender is a great card but do you really need three? Especially when you have three Siphon energies already? Try cutting one or two and replacing them with Allomancer, Dioltas, etc. depending on what deck you actually want.

Now as for what cards you want to add it depends on what deck you want to build. You mention dervish Zirix but your deck looks more like midrange. I’ll leave suggestion for both but honestly it’s a really small change for both:/

-2 Cosmic Flesh
-2 Lightbender
-Primus Shieldmaster

+2 Ethereal Obelisk
+3 Allomancer

Might want to consider:

Whisper of the Sands, I haven’t done enough testing but it’s a card with potential.

Circle of Des, pretty much your big red ABBBBBBOOOOORTTTTT! Button.

-2 Cosmic Flesh
-1 Lightbender

+2 Primus Fist/Healing Mystic
+1 Dancing Blades/ Tech card?