Zir'an viability?


So after the expansion most people are saying the healing archtype got a buff. i cant seem to make it work yet maybe I don’t have enough cards yet. I have some dust but Idk if it’s worth it has anyone had luck with it yet and if so mind throwing around your decks ideas and how it’s doing? Ty in advance :slight_smile:


Was wondering the same, I basically have 0 card for a healionar and was thikning about crafting one. I guess radiant dragoon/lucent beam/sunforge lancer made it more viable…?maybe?


Things are pretty good for Zir’an right now :wink: . I actually swapped in 2x Kron for the Guardians now. The deck’s still expensive, but even without Sterope and Holy Immolation it works fine! I’m actually replacing Immolation more often than playing it nowadays.

@melkorita Lancer and Beam work out pretty amazing! Lancer pushes the deck to benefit way more from its plentiful healing. At least Diamond-worthy, maybe more.


Thanks for the reply, will give the deck a shot!


It’s not the easiest of decks to play well, hit me up if you could use any tips or whatever else. Have fun!