Ziran too weak for meta


idk if its because of expansion alot of try hards on ladder but currently in rank 5 if u try to use a ziran deck without divine bond or dioltas its like auto loss (im using divine bond by the way just not dioltas so dont roast me for not net decking). minions are too weak to use and argeon just buffs them for his use …oh and ye saberspine tigers are clearly alternative finishers for argeon still wish to see tiger rush be removed (my only nerf as running pure nightwatchers is just not my style nor effective as ppl may assume abyssian lurking fear/nether summoning deck just blows me away).
This is not a rant but its just sad to say ziran cant heal to wait on a turn 9 excelsious. ive tried many different builds. yea u can say i am a bad deck builder but ive tried them all normally i would reach rank 3 with ziran by now but this month smh i won’t give up though just acknowledging the fact that ziran is just not meta worthy this is by far the longest losing streak ive had since playing duelyst in january


Showing us YOUR LOSES only proves you’re not that good with that general.


complains about balance 10 minutes (or a few hours) before a new expansion.
And you really wanna tell me you ain’t a troll?


nope just pointing out the obvious…3/4 3/5 dont mean nothing to this meta…neither does ironcliffe against lyonar mirror against argeon argeon will 90% summon irconcliffe before you and when he does its downhill from there


i run a zir’an deck and it does surprisingly well. sure i run divine bond, but no dioltas and a lot of the time i never even cast it. sunforge lancer wins me as many games as divine bond does and sunriser is decent AOE damage with holy immolation. but then again, i run it more for fun than because the meta demands it


in what rank are you in?


diamond right now.

while its not a meta-defying awesome super winning deck, it does get a far better win rate than what you
are showing here


kindly post a screenshot of deck or add me


and how are matches against argeon and nether summoning lillith like?


I gotta say kevin, I love ya man and I agree with you on a lot of stuff and your decklist got me into lyonar in the first place but this is a horribly timed post :grin:


not very good, but sometimes i can sneak a win against argeon


lol ive been testing various versions… im not one to be running loads of two drops as late games i find myself top decking while opponent has 5 cards in hand


I’m doing something similar but I cut sunriser and run afterblaze in its place because it has good synergy with divine bond and card cycling


i had to the try hards on ladder is real man lol


i cut afterblaze completely… in this meta they have answers for EVERYTHAAANG nomatter what i throw at them its instantly removed n saberspine tigers uuuuggggh!!!


i had a game once the guy had 0 card in hand i double afterblaze on silverguard knight to hit face had one more turn for lethal the guy replaced and got shroud auto killing the knight my hopes and dreams were crushed


That is what the professional calls ‘overcommitment’


true but some games u gotta put everything on the line because you are so close to dying


have you tried solarius and spelljammer? they work wonders in my deck.


for some reason the landscape mode doesn’t work

i originally made it as a half-bond, half-heal budget deck though the only good bond target is ironcliffe or something with afterblaze

after a bit of tweaking it ended up with a suprising amount of 2x, reducing its reliability (a trend in the way i make decks)

it tends to run out of steam late game if you cant get a zeal-afterblaze or lkian

my winrate at about 50% not great, but not that bad