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Zir'an Strategos Titan


You rely on swarm and heals to make it to mid-late game. Your Jax Truesight and Titan won’t take long to promote into Excelsious which is why you run Zir’an and all the healers. This idea is also why I decided to build this deck.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about the Spelljammers just yet but without Fealty and Trinity Oath I feel they’re warranted.

I’m a very budget player so I don’t usually have the spirit to test what I post, but I still post them if I come up with an interesting idea.


y tho


Why ziran? You got no healing synergies there


Yeah, Ziran here seems like affirmative action, Brome seems to be the optimal choice in lyo swarm decks.


Maybe because they haven’t won enough to unlock Brome, yet?


I mean, if they haven’t won at least 10 times with Lyonar, they shouldn’t really be making lyonar decks in the first place.

That would be like me trying to tell everyone I have this awesome midrange vet deck, but I don’t even have vet faction level at level 5.


I’ve won 10 times with every faction. I only have Ciphyron unlocked. The 3rd generals don’t unlock until you have wins with that faction after their release.


If you guys could read you’d know why I’m using Zir’an. The last promote for Strategos is Excelsious and with Jax Truesight and Alabaster Titan it won’t be difficult to obtain him.

Everyone uses Strategos Brome, so what’s the point of having a decklists forums where you post the same old thing everyone else is using? This is new and interesting, and that’s why it’s here.


It’s an interesting idea, but it is wildly inconsistent, especially due to the fact that you can’t run optimal removal due to Titan. Also, if you cannot get that very specific game plan to get off, you are left with a very sub version of Strategos Brome.

As a meme deck it is okay, but nothing more. Nevertheless, it is an interesting idea, sorry if I came off as aggressive in my initial post.


Interesting idea but not buying it.
Excelsious will unlikely care the little extra damage from a Ziran BBS. It will likely have enough damage from your other heal cards. Overkill is still overkill. Other BBS are more simple in adding damage.
Also after you play Stategos you won’t need Ziran BBS since minions that promote are effectively “healed”. You could gamble some promoted minions have heal abilities though.


Though the idea is certainly new, I don’t quite understand it. Strategos is so powerful that when the trial is fulfilled the board typically becomes irrecoverable. Having buffed Excelsious or plain ones does not really make that much of a difference.

And yes, the forums are here to share cool ideas and discuss them, but be prepared for other players to disagree with you :wink:


Well everyone was talking about how Brome was so obviously better than Zir’an that I feel like they’re missing the point of why I even posted in the first place. Acting like the fact that I picked Zir’an was some sort of accident, which is why I felt the need to clarify.

Not saying they were wrong though, I acknowledge that Brome is better.


I think you can still pull up pretty decent healing with Brome too. Run a set of Herald, Cleric, Oath, and Immolations, and your Excelsious will probably at least be 10/10 by the time it’s able to roll around.


Titan only equips you if summoned from your action bar

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