Zir'an deck with sky phalanx + grandmaster z'ir


put together a lyonar deck for the first time any tips? http://manaspring.ru/deckbuilder/lyonar/#MToyMywzOjEwOTgxLDI6MjAwNjQsMzoyNywzOjksMjoxMTA0MywyOjIwMDkwLDM6MTEsMzoyOSwzOjIwMDY3LDI6MTAzMDYsMzoxOTAyNywzOjEwOTU5LDM6MTcsMjoyMCwyOjIwMjIw


If your goal is to stall till the late game, then you should consider Circle of Life and Emerald Rejuvenator. I am not sure how slow you prefer to play the game, but you do have a very strong lategame with your mana curve.

Circle of Life if excellent removal and the 5 Heal is really useful towards the late game to keep yourself out of burst range. I usually run 2x.

Emerald Rejuvenator is only really good if you are trying to drag out the game. You will heal your opponent too usually, but you do get 2 Healing Procs off just from one card. You can combo it with your heal synergy cards.

If you are going for the lategame stalling, I would suggest removing 3x Primus 1x Sky Phalanx for 2 of each of the aforementioned cards. Otherwise it looks good, but I think I would still swap out either 1x of G Zir, or 1x Sky Phalanx because you have a pretty good chance of them sitting in your hand earlygame several turns before you can play them.


yea my idea for the deck was stall till late game till i could play phalanx and z’ir i had considered circle and emerald but decided to go with this version, will try those out