Zir'an Deck (Semi Budget)


Hello, I’m new to Duelyst. I’ve been playing for a couple of weeks now, and currently stuck on Silver Rank. I just wanted to share the Zir’an deck I’ve been running with for a few matches now. It’s composed mostly of common and rare cards that I have crafted from disenchanting or what I have by default. All the Epic cards here are from packs I’ve opened. (I have the good fortune of backing the kickstarter project so I have a couple of extra cards from the start)

Here it is:

The set-up doesn’t have Divine Bond although it could have it. I chose other things for utility instead. I threw in a couple of Lionheart Blessings and Afterblaze to create more value for the cheap minions I have. All of the minions in this spread are sturdy by default, and all of them are potential targets for dispelling.

So far the set-up is a bit on the slow end, having to need a couple of cards to work together to make things move, but I haven’t yet found myself relying on any particular card yet to win. Unpredictable but fun.


day watcher out
suntide maiden to 1

sundrop elixer to 3
add third ironcliffe

sunriser blessing sundrop turn 6 combo will draw 2-3 cards …only legendary to carft would be regalia whenever you do get them possibly two can trade templar for them


Thanks, @kevin2hard. I am trying to work on those Regalia. Trying to fill out the basic cards first, as I’ve only started this month. :cookie:


Welcome to the forums, Lyonar and Zir’An! I wouldn’t be too hasty with those Regalia, consider reading my thoughts here: Healyonar Tactica, Tips & Tricks [Resource]

A Heal-Zeal deck could work, I think you just need more 3-ofs. Sunriser combos with Blessing to give you enough draw, which is good! I’d look at cutting Sun Wisp, Sunstone Templar and Radiant Dragoon and save up for Lancers! Get some heal triggers at 2 mana or less and you’ll be on your way to Gold.


I saved that guide! It was a pretty helpful read. But I have to admit I missed that point I guess.

Yes Lancers are on my list. But I’m kind of splitting my budget to build some respectable decks for alternate factions also. (I’m digging Vanar Kinred also) But the thematically and concept-wise, I like the Heal and Buffing mechanic that can go on with Zir’an. It’s not an in-your-face kind of play which I find very interesting.


Sunrise maiden is not exactly the best card for heal lyonar, not that it’s bad, it’s just that it’s effect is really slow to trigger since it is a common dispell target.

Some other things you should consider is lancer, it’s the >BEST< heal lyonar card that you can have. It enables insane general damage if you can pull off tons of heals.

Lastly you might want to consider healing mystic or fiz, as they are one of the best heals in the game since they are an instant heal to your general while also putting down a body.


Oops, accidentally replied to Kevin, ignore that


its still a body to deal with so it would be harder for them to deal with a turn 5 inroncliffe followup


Sort of needing more healing cards and heal effect cards. If you don’t have a strong heal theme then Argeon becomes the better choice for general.


As a general deck building advice: think about the number of copies you play of each card.

Every card that you want to play on curve (read: as soon as you have the required amount of mana) in every game should be a 3-of. So cards like Azurite Lion, Windblade Adept, Ironcliff Guardian and Holy Immolation should all be 3-ofs because they are never bad draws when you’re in the state of the game where you want to play them.

Tech cards, i.e. cards that are only a counter to a very specific problem your opponent presents you with, can be 2-ofs. You don’t want them all the time, because they might not be useful all the time, but you want to be able to reliable draw into them so you have them when the situation arises. Those are cards like Blistering Skorn, Sun Bloom and probably Sunstone Templar (I always felt he was a bit too situational and too easy to play around, though he reads so sweet).

Given all that, I would try to streamline your minion base. Get rid of all those 2-ofs and ask yourself which of those minions are the absolute best and deserve a spot above all the other cards. Then play 3 of those and cut the rest.


I ran with Healing Mystic as my staple in an earlier version. I just experimented with Day Watcher. It hasn’t been really consistent so I will be going back to the drawing board with the learning I got from the last few matches.


At the moment, Suntide Maiden is what I have working for me. And yes, the Maiden is a common target for dispells but that’s the thing, other minions in this deck are also constantly offering a bit of something as they stay on the board. I do realize, however, that there are a lot of removal cards that could clear my board. Some things I’m going over right now.

I agree with the Lancer. I’ll be looking out for those definitely once I’ve covered all my core set needs. I’ve been buying core packs from what gold I have been making so far. I will probably switch to Shim Zar next month to get hold of those lancers.

I just experimented with Day Watcher for this version. I do run with Healing Mystic on my other versions. I just wanted to check out other options. I have been lucky these past few matches


Thanks, @nickDigger. Yeah, I realize that I should probably cut down on certain cards and increase the number of some of the others. Unfortunately I don’t have a complete set of Holy Immolation yet. Similarly, I do not have a complete set of Sunrisers also, which is just awesome to use.

This one was really a bit of an experiment on my part, and maybe I just lucked out during my last few matches.

It was fun for most part but I do get the unpredictability of the draw on this spread can be troublesome competitively.


From my experience, Gauntlet is the most efficient way to turn your gold into cards/spirit. Luckily, Lyonar is imo also the best - and coincidentally also the easiest faction - to play in Gauntlet because its faction cards require the least amount of card synergy to be strong and they have great removal for every sort of threat.

Once you manage to average 4-5 wins with Lyonar and the occasional 7+ streak, you can make quite a lot of Spirit, gold and cards without ever buying any packs in the shop.

And you learn a lot about the game by playing with and against all sorts of different cards you would otherwise never see in ranked play.


Yes, I tried the Gauntlet out. It was quite an experience. I went 2/3 on my first try using Vanar. Wasn’t very good on first try.

My mindset at the time was I could actually rank up other Factions while not being limited to the cards I have, and competition would be subjected to the same random set-up.

Thanks for the tip. :cookie: