Zir'an deck! Looking for CC


Here’s my current Zir’an deck! I’m at rank 6 right now but Vet seems to be keeping me down enough so I can’t reach diamond. Looking for advice on how to tech (or honestly completely overhaul) my deck to push me to diamond!

Thanks for taking a look :grin:


Honestly, the list looks absolutely fine to me. I’m not a Lyo player tho. How much use are you getting out of Phalanx tho?


Looks pretty solid.
Do you have enough card draw? Maybe consider adding some more.
Also I think maybe teching a Repulsor Beast can help against vet and some other match ups.
Whatever you take out for the changes, try to keep a steady curve. Your current curve is great so make sure not to ruin it.

Good Luck!


I personally wouldn’t run Solarious in a deck of this speed. Would rather just stick to Sojs. There’s lots of other flex spots but the core idea behind the deck is fine. There’s no established Healonar decks after all.


@phayze I’ve only been able to play Phalanx twice. Both times it gave me insane value which led to a win. I think it’s great but wouldn’t run more than 1.

@Althur I definitely need more early game draw. Something like a first wish. But aegis is a legendary and I don’t know if I want to invest in that because I haven’t seen anyone run it.
Repulsor beast might actually be a good tech. What would you suggest I remove for it?

@raqyee Would you consider Solarius better for a faster or slower deck? I tried Soj and they just get dispelled before giving me value.


Better for faster decks. If Soj gets dispelled, that’s not even bad as your more important targets most likely won’t get dispelled. And if you really find it to be a problem you can always run Lkian.


I’m rank 4 and I play a similar deck without lions and rejuvinator, i prefer 3 sundrops, 2 afterblaze, 2 groove lions. Regalia is a must, I run 1 dawn’s eye but if i had a third regalia i think i would put it instead. I run 2 phalanx and I love them. It works really well


@spiritello Do you have a decklist? I have the lions because I feel like 6 2 drops makes for an inconsistent turn 1 if I don’t get them in my starting hand.


That’s for you mate, good luck!
I only played it 6 games but won 5. Rank 4.
Seems solid


Remove azurite and solarius. Maybe remove 1 circle? Add after blaze and another ironcliff or phalanax or regalia? Divine bond? Sun drop? also Lucent beam has been doing really well for me: gives you good control, synergizes with the decks and can act as burst too. Really nice card. Groove lion pretty nasty too :0


I played a Healonar deck for a while and I found that it has a very combo reliant win condition. If you can’t Immolation everything they throw at you you’ll be overwhelmed fast, maybe add some TransBonds?


(Based on this deck here.)

So I’d say Sun Bloom can be replaced with 2x Lightbender, purely because the body is very helpful, especially in Healyonar.

I would cut Emerald Rejuvenator simply because healing the enemy General in this current meta puts you behind more.

Same with Sunriser: requires too much setup, and it’s another “pray it doesn’t get removed” minion. With only 4 health, that’s not happening.


Normally, yes, but what can you place Lightbender next to? Lancer’s buff gives you anti-synergy, and only Healing Mystic and Rejuvenator don’t have an ongoing effect. And I’d cut Rejuvenator as well (although I love the card) because in the meta right now you need to be able to trigger your Purity cards on the same turn you play them; a 7 mana Rejuvenator to trigger Lancer (and even later with Sunriser) is just too slow.