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Ziran deck december 2017 vs SF meta


Work in progress deck DO NOT CRAFT if i had a 50 card deck i would slide in a couple magesworns and 1 more trinity oath. during my replay below i took out excelsious and prominence for two aegis barriers and a final trinity oath. the deck list is made with hopes of one day getting a 50 card deck because i really wanna run excelsious i be healing so much. sunrise cleric and sunriser are the true core of the deck without them it wouldnt be possible to aoe 6 damage consistently with the help of herald and scintilla.

so my my weakest matchups is against sajj mech deck there is a guy on ladder who runs a perfect list always apply constant pressure so u wont be able to target remove everything. aperion claim is only help to reduce the middle row control.

ALL in all im calling all ziran players to come alive and make ziran great again if you are dead then rise up from the dead and tweak this deck until u can take down every magmar player that thinks you are his easiest matchup

Heres a replay for you to enjoy vs vaath finality

updated this was a legendary game vs scarzig brome even tho i lost it was dope. which is why i wonder if i had a larger deck i could fit those final pieces of excelsious aegis barrier n 3 claims. after seeing this game ive realized the aim of my ziran deck to push opponent into the super late game i will attempt at fixing the ratio of the deck for its consistency as i climb to diamond

final sf vaath battle worthy of hall of fame. had tweaked the deck but 100% sure of it but enjoy. When im able to reach diamond with ziran i will make final decklist update

ok just hit diamond as of 07/12/2017 with this deck so ignore what u see above this is the final version semi easy to pilot and for those who dont like regalia reducing damage is better than taking. was never a fan of sunforge lancers anyway


I was just thinking of trying out a Zir’an deck, I’ll have to check this one out later


I played a lot of Zir’an last expansion. Thanks for making the topic.

I prefer Draining Wave to Lasting Judgement or even Lucent Beam, because you can use it to damage yourself when you’re on full health, and stuck on Hallowed Ground away from the main battle (= more heal procs).

I don’t run Arclyte Regalia because preventing damage is inconsistent with Zir’an’s objective of getting damaged and healing back up.

My old deck also ran more early game (Healing Mystic), more Hallowed Ground creation tools (Fortified Assault), and more draw (Sun Sister Sterope), plus Healyonar classics like Gold Vitriol and Sunforge Lancer.

When it works, you’re machine gunning everything with True Strikes, Vitriol hits and Sunriser procs. It’s loads of fun. But everything dies to Lavaslasher or Plasma Storm, so it’s hard to recommend in the SF meta.


updated list above just hit rank 5 woohoo not sure if its s rank worthy but im gunna try other decks now


consider aegis if you’re running excelsious


i updated the list bro its there


I have a question, Kevin.

Why do you still play Ziran even though you ackknowledge she’s bad?


she not bad anymore bro ive been naive all this time i even switched my deck up n still be winning will post final list as soon as i reach s rank with her currently rank 1… why ziran i like the control of lyonar cards and healing synergies just seem dope to me ive always wanted to be a druid priest player and ziran is the closest thing to that lol


I saw you made S, grats.

I really don’t understand your desire for bigger decks though. If you could do UP to 50 cards with a minimum of 40, you would ALWAYS 100% of the time be better off with 40.


nah i want to have my playing style aswell as have the tools to counter all decks and 45 would be my preferred number. im gunna use l kian for memes until then


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