Zir'an and her missing arm


Zir’an from Lyonar seems to have her right arm replaced with a prosthetic. A prosthetic that looks exactly like Scioness’ from Vetruvian.

I’m wondering how she lost that arm. My guess is she stepped on a Saberspine Tiger’s tail.


I’d say she and Reva got into an argument about who was the dominant female, words turned to blades and they both lost an arm.


Nah, she got into a cat fight with Reva and got the thing phoenix fired off


Actually i’m not sure Reva has other organic part remaining besides her upper torso, head and one arm.


That would mean she returned the favour and Holy Immolated off Reva’s arm, I’d say Lucent Beam but I don’t think Zir’an knew the words to that spell back then.


a bunch of generals have a prosthetics. lilithe and faie both have prosthetic arms


Why is everybody missing their arms! What is this? MGS The Phantom Pain?!


Nah, someone’s just taking a few notes from George Lucas