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Ziggydra (looking for some help)


hey duderinos. looking for some help with my deck this month!

core concepts:


I’m worried about tempo issues here. I’m also concerned with the practicality of pulling off scarzig. Mark of Solitude and hearth sister here help while also countering long range threats. This deck can do alot. I can hear the judging voices contemplating eyolith but I feel it synergizes well with scarzig and yggdra. This is a lategame threat that helps scarzig hit wincons as well. There is also the baiting aspect in terms of getting people send minions to attack it if I place it at range, further setting up potential scarzig/stun combos.

I’m just worried about losing Scarzig to immediate removal. I cant do much about that aside from bait cards I suppose. Komodo kind of helps. Idk. Something is missing here. Also I feel most people will be more than willing to use hard removal on an evolved yggdra. They kind of protect one another in the sense that they are both such threats if hard removal is to be used, its going to be used on one and not the other.

Flawless reflection works on a feather knight, voracity, or eyolith. This might be a weak link. Also I feel spelljammer may be unnecessary here but with all these spells I feel like its sort of needed.

Any tips? Do I even need dispell here? Can you see any potential tempo issues? This deck is going for a lot but I feel I’m close to pulling it off. For the 5 drops, Enfeeble over things like luminous, paragon, or ambush to further help me hit that zig condition.

Thank you in advance, anyone who is feeling charitable enough to help. Love this community. Personally I’m already feeling like -1 flash, -1 iceshatter, -1 frigid, +3 cryoblade to help me out turn 1. I just need more minions to scatter enemy removal. But I need spells too! AHH! SO CONFLICTED!



Back in he day me, scarzig and sonofmakuta tried to make sense of scarzig ilena and it went horrible.

Your deck seems unbalanced even without it.

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i think it can be done tbh.



this deck looks like something in between stun ilena and oak ilena. have you considered adding oak in the nemeton and a couple more token/transform?



was tempted to go for the oak but ultimately i feel by going for oak you’re going for too much. the lategame scale is relatively simple, but effective.



You can’t go with oak in your list.

You have less then 5 token generation cards, effective minimum is 8.

This might be more of a controlish style of scarzig

But then again putting scarzig for the heavy liftling is just meh.



ah, don’t worry about that. there’s plenty of successful nemeton decks that hybrids with another shell. I would even say they’re the most reliable. if your deck is tweaked just right, nemeton can fit naturally.



tbh i have a some cards in mind that he could be changing from his deck, but only if wants it to be a nemeton deck. lemme … give it a shot :sunglasses:



However - scarzig deck that worked almost good in gold.
But is got shot down hard pretty easily.

I would say throughout all of my inventions - this was one of the worst just because the decks need to feel to many roles and cover too many areas of game play when you already limited due to ilena’s kit.

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Show us what you got



I’m sorry but 22 spells is just too whacky for my blood. Turn 1-3 options seem dismal here; which are crucial in this meta. Ideally you will want to play Ygg before Zig.

You can’t play ilena like a normal vanar deck. Yes ramp and stall are things but she is aggro as fuck alot like argeon or even fucking vaath. Why even run luminous if you aren’t playing Kara. Etc. (Oak tho obviously)

The original deck I posted is pretty good.

I definitely could get to diamond with it.



I like this one a little more. Sleet is interesting. I’ve never really experimented with him. I’ve always considered thunder better. What’s he like? Hydro is just such a beast 4 drop though…



man, now that i’m putting together the list, i’m having trouble retaining some properties of the initial deck that i really like. Scarzig’s such a cool card, but he takes up so much space in a nemeton set up.

well how about 18?
Snowshot is pretty much spot on about sleetdash. someone else has to benefit from boundless aside from scarzig.
I have to admit, ilena here is more of an afterthought in this version “oh yeah, she’ll help with overdrive or sleet dash”

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I’d also like to mention that Zig’s color scheme is total Vanar.

I’m thinking about wisp here. Now that is a great bait and tempo card.

Boundless + Sleet + Scarzig all have amazing synergy. Rubs chin

Some interesting stuff to come out of this convo.



Whatever suits you

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well if you’re want super-synergy, maybe this’ll float your boat.

ilena works with zig,
zig works with ilena and garm
garm works with vespyr
vespyr works with buffs
buffs work with scarzig/dasher

If i’m being real honest here though, if i had my way, i’d remove ilena(for kara) and yggdra.
Auroraboros, and crystalline let’s me take advantage of the swarm, while displacer+huldra is such a solid alt wincon that meshes into the vespyr side of things.

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Afaik, @snowshot is the ONLY player who doesn’t care about “9 T1 plays” rule and is able to get into top50.





Outside of nemesis, low two drops and no draw, this doesn’t seem horrible but what do I know about vanar.

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Dank Memesis: “Wha… Where am I? Why am I surrounded by all these blue dudes and dudettes?”