Zendo in Spellhai Deck Builds


So I found this Spellhai deck on reddit a while back… What cards would you consider staples? I’m not sure if I rlly need Zendo and spiral technique, they seem more like tech cards to me.


this is not spellhai. looks more like a minion-based midrange deck to me


ah. oops. Then how important do u think zendo is in this deck? And could u link me to a good spellhai dekc?


I actually run this deck and every card feels like it has its use. Zendo is a great finisher if you have hamon bladeseeker. ie turn 5 hamon blade seeker. If they don’t answer it then on turn 6 hit the enemy general for 8 and play zendo to make the enemy general attack into hamon bladeseeker for another 8 damage. Similarly you can make the enemy general trade into a killing edged minion. Spiral technique is often times a necessary late game finisher and having one can often change the outcome of the game.


I have about 5k spirit in reserve rn and i have most of thecards to finish. Pushed up to rank 5 last season using a deck rlly similar to it except with a few changes (bc im cheap) Thanks for the advice!


I don’t think Grandmaster Zendo and Spiral Technique are crucial to a deck with Hamon Bladeseeker + Blink/Juxtaposition/MDS for finishing. Personally, when I run Grandmaster Zendo, I run it as the finisher, not to combo with some brick walls. Never was a fan of running fat dudes + Grandmaster Zendo or in Kaleos myself. It’s kind of clumsy.


i never had the chance to use grandmaster zendo so far :stuck_out_tongue: didn’t get lucky enough with the orbs.
if you want a good spellhai list i recommend you to take a look at wickedflux’s spellhai lists at managlow.com
spellhai should be listed currently as a tier 2 deck