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Zendo decklist(advice)

What changes would you make to make this more effective?

The deck is all about spamming threats so that the opponent will have nothing left to answer zendo. Infact if he saves his answers you can still swing alot with zendo if tahr, thunderhorn or hamon are on the field at that point.
The deck holds fairly well in diamond but probably only because people do not see big things often and thereby do not have that much removal

The deck is fun to play but not realy to play against.
Let hamon live and you risk taking 16 damage on the next turn
Let zendo live and double killing edge might end you outright on the next turn
Let thunderhorn live and pay with your board on 6 mana
Let tahr live and you are dealing with zendo and a 5/4 frenzy all at once
Let flamewrath live and____you all know what happens if you leave flamewrath alive when playing against kaleos


I am by no means an expert on the archetype, but I do really enjoy it. Here are some thoughts:

I really like Big Boy Kal. Right off I would try to find room for Assassination Protocol as it is just so good on big bodies and things like thunderhorn. I would probably trade primus fist for a heal minion for a touch of sustain. While Tahr/Panda/Thunderhorn are all super cool I think all three is a bit much particularly since you already have flamewreath as well so one of em could be cut.

Alternatively you could go all in on the Big Boy aspect and try something fun with Marauder:


Or you could take a more aggressive approach:

EMP may be better than Hammon, although certainly a bit slower, so a bit of a toss up there.


Thank you for your suggestions.
On the first list i am bit concerned about the lack of 3 and 4 drops-especially if you are player 1 that could lead to a fairly weak start


Yea Vet being so prevalent in the meta makes focusing on the five mana minion slot a bit rough. Its curve is pretty balanced though. But the more aggressive approach is better suited for the meta although less fun.

I do actually rather like your list and if you want to keep your focus on that midgame perhaps just really focusing there will be perfect.

Maybe just dropping your high end for Ass is all that is needed?


I like that all three versions have their own niche though. Big does quite well in non vet metas, aggressive does quite well in vet meta, and your midrange approach is appropriately middle of the pack without stronger/weaker matchups.

Emp may still be the better choice over Hammon though, but it is a toss up between speed and catch all.


Think the OP’s list is fine as it is. Personally, I would like having Inner focus in the deck to help make the most of minions that want to be in the right place for clears or face damage (Bandit, Panddo, Flamewreath, Zendo). DA’s suggestion of Assassination Protocol is also good since you have Thunderhorn, EMP, Wild Tahr, Bladeseeker to help remove multiple small minions or a big one. But if you want to cut something for IF or AP, then its EMP, Thunderhorn or Wild Tahr that would probably be the first things to cut.


A 9 game winstreak later i am now in S1(and lost the streak because i slipped up and accidently ended my turn)
I-didn"t change anything so far but it just works.
The deck is quite good and not difficult to pilot, just slap big stuff in the backline until your opponent runs out of removal.

Some impressions

Tahr seems invalueable, infact even more so than panddo. With killing edge, primus, juxta and MDS it is a massive danger even without +3atk+. If they use removal on it great, less for your actually big boys.

Primus rather than herald is something i also found to work better because with tahr and thunderhorn he enables much better swings(and has quite often enabled lethal)

EMP allows me to play more passive if needed and spiral is a great finisher that i can search for throughout the whole game for which reason 1 copy is enough.

Sadly i cannot slot in assasin protocol and focus because they mess with card economy(and would force me to remove something i like).

I like to be able to choose between going all in and playing slow and passive: to have no polarizing matchups i have to suffer through.

About 90% winrate in dia-S


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