Your Wallet and Tips


So I’m relatively new to the game and this forum (hello!) but I haven’t seen anyone mention this or bring it up.

It would be nice to see how much gold I have on the win screen along with the Tip button.
As a new player trying to buy as many orbs as possible I generally I don’t tip for two reasons:

  1. I generally don’t win :wink:
  2. I’d like to tip but in the past have hit the button willy nilly only to find out now I’m short 5 gold and I don’t have anymore dailies.

Just a simple display of your current gold near the tip button would be great.
If I’m blind i apologize in advance


Nah, your vision works just fine :stuck_out_tongue:
Welcome to the forums!
The only thing I can suggest is to check how much gold you have before you start your session, or how much you will have when you finish your dailies, that’ll give you an idea of how much gold you have available to tip with.


I like the idea though, wouldn’t be a terrible thing to implement and likely fairly simple :slight_smile:


I’m just commenting for the sake of the swarm of fantastic general icons! :sweat_smile:

Slowly but surely, we shall unite to take over the woooooorrrrllllldddd :angry:



Maybe a sidebar that can pull out to reveal quests and gold. I can dig it.


Let me join our army


i did not expect this to get so much traction :slight_smile:

beware the legion :smiling_imp:



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