Your Top Favourite Single Player Games


I also love black isle’s icewind dale 1 and 2, but if i had to compare planescape to it i would say that planescape is more interesting game. Icewind dale have better soundtrack though.


I’d say Icewind Dale has more options in combat and character creation, but Planescape has characters and story.


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I used to play some fun noncommital flash games like armed with wings and some wizard game on kongregate with some surprisingly insane depth, such as like 5 different op weapons hidden in hard mode levels and like tons of easter egg rooms in the sky of the final boss level. (Also handcuffs)


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I need to pick-up spelunky, been needing to pick up more rouge likes.


Well iwd is like a Dungeon crawler with the infinity engine but basically got no story or deep dialogues. The 2 was particularly interesting cause it had the d&d 3rd edition ruleset though, which was way better than ad&d 2nd edition imho


its pretty lit


I heared icewind gets extremely tedious towards the end…
Spent 5 minutes buffing your party up before every encounter,do the encounter,rest,buff up again…


i need to check if the Snake Eater disc i borrowed and the PS2 Slim we have still works, then maybe i can play it after i finish my backlogs lol

i also have Peace Walker for the PSP but have yet to finish it since the device is with my sister


I dunno, I never finished it :slight_smile:


Roguelikes often require strategy and tactic too,just on a smaller scale
That is not neccesary bad because large scale often brings tons of micro and tedious elements with it


That’s why I prefer tactical games to full scale strategies.


In no particular order:

Advance Wars DS: I feel like this is the most ‘complete’ version of the game with tons of maps, big campaign, all the COs and even a fun side mode. One of the best Turn-Based Strategy games I feel.

Bayonetta: I’m not a big fan of hack and slash action games, so when I say this game is amazing and nails it, I mean it. It helps that the story and characters are fun and bombastic, but the combat is damn well spot-on.

Okami: Beautiful, and beautifully engaging. Zelda for if you don’t own a Nintendo console. speaking of which:

Zelda, Wind Waker: I’ll just pick one, Wind Waker is really great and I enjoyed the freedom of sailing about, though this could easily be almost any other Zelda title.

The World Ends With You (DS): Awesome sound track and an interesting story, especially for a younger me. The DS version did something really unique with it’s combat where you have to simultaneously play 2 games at once, and it felt fantastic to get good at.

Hollow Knight: Not sure if recency bias, but I’ve been playing this game recently and it’s gorgeous & atmospheric in it’s world, but sharp and challenging in it’s mechanics.

Bioshock: great story and incredible atmosphere, first time I realised that stories in games could actually weave in the interactive medium.

Portal: short and sweet, we all know it’s great.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of my favorite games, but it’s the top ones that came to mind right first. I could easily add stuff like metroid prime, pikmin, fire emblem, half life, shadow of the colossus, persona, mass effect, limbo, monkey island, mario 64, pokemon… yeah I could go on all day.


Quite true, Rougelikes do need tactics if you want to live farther than the first village.

I would still recommend Qud over ADOM unless you want a game with an actual ending because Qud doesn’t have an ending yet since it is still in development while ADOM has multiple endings.

Although tat said ADOM is also a good game, it’s just much harder on new players than Qud is. Items with no ingame description as to what they do, many hidden game mechanics and newb-trap quests are all things that don’t bother you much when you know about all of them, but to a new player they can be very frustrating.


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