Your Top Favourite Single Player Games


Nuclear throne: What you don’t know it yet?

Dead Cells: Fun roguelike

Spelunky: more fun roguelike

Path of Shadows: It’s this indie experimental project that never realy got out of beta. It’s really fun and the animation is beautiful though. Sadly there isn’t a whole lot of content for it

Zineth: Another really cool indie game. It’s pretty damn fun

Wolfenstein: THe original

DOOM: the original


Oh, it’s a masterpiece…overshadowed by Fallout series. Glad to hear you value it :slight_smile:

But it’s long as fck, I managed to make it through the game only once…as a Wizard. Checking all the garbage cans in Tarant as an Engineer takes too much time :slight_smile:


tbh i wasn’t able to complete it, dunno if the game cd i used was broken (borrowed from a friend)

i already had the dog, the ogre, the mechanic dwarf and some other companions (already forgot all their names) in my playthrough that time

given the chance i’d love to complete it, i find it more challenging than the poe games.


Man i never managed to complete either of the pillars of eternity games…they just seem SO worse than baldur’s gate 2, i jsut get bored after some hours.
Looks like we got similar tastes though


I’ll share some of my favorites :

  1. Hollow Knight, metroidvania game. To me this is the best platform game i’ve played. The atmosphere, the arts, and the way the game telling story are just perfect. This is a good game if you enjoy exploration. Also it has a bunch of contents and free DLCs. The core game is pretty cheap on steam.
  2. Terraria, best sandbox minecraft-like game but in 2D. I’ve spent many hours just to build a perfect house(no cheating) but never finish any boss, lol.
  3. Darkest Dungeon, a horror turn based rpg. You can recruit heroes to explore dungeons, kill bosses, searching for loots. Depend on your strategy, you need to make sure every party of heroes you sent survive the dungeon.
  4. Devil May Cry(1-4) series, action adventure hack&slash TPS. Story about a character named Dante who started a demon hunting business to save and prevent the demons to take over the earth. Also DMC 5 is coming soon. (Btw, dont play the reboot version).
  5. Ib, yeah the game name is “ib”, i bet not many people know about it. It’s an adventure horror game made with RPG maker. The story about a girl trapped in an art gallery and trying to escape, it has different ending depending on your action. I replay this game many times to get perfect ending, because my first ending is the worst one.
  6. FF7 Crisis Core, action RPG. If you curious about what happened before the era of Cloud, the main character of FF7, this is the prequel for it. FF7 is also good (obviously), but i like the story of FF7CC more.

There are other games i want to mention, but by far those 6 have the most memorable moment in my heart and also the the most hours played.


Darkest Dungeon is a game I liked at first, but its difficulty is what I couldn’t handle on the long run. I breezed through green levels, lost half of my crew on the yellow ones and was totally wiped out several times on red, if I recall coloring correctly.

I was very offended by the fact and never went back :slight_smile:

  1. Hollow Knight
  2. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Sky
  3. Megaman Battle Network 4/5/6
  4. Custom Robo Arena
  5. Pokémon Pearl
    I don‘t Play a lot of Games, besides Hollow Knight, These are all Games from my childhood that I still like to visit nowdays and I‘m still very fond of. Hollow Knight blew me away a few months ago, really great game with rich lore, an immersive world and intriguing characters.


To me DD is great for the first 20 or so hours…than it gets repetetive.Higher lv dungeons are basicly the same just with higher stats across the board
That you can,t bring high lv heroes to low lv dungeons and that heroes that cleared the final dungeon once can,t return to it (you need to clear the final dungeon 4 times in total to beat the game) makes it extremely horrible
The backbreaker though is the lack of urgency
In games like xcom if your demigod-soldier dies midgame you are like -NOOOOO!!!,he was important.Now i need to play alot differently without that powerhouse…i might not even beat the game without him-
In DD-damm,now i need to return to the low lv dungeons to grind a new hero of the same type up to replace my lost hero-


Im in a struggle

Thinking about getting into…
Dominions 5
Caves of Qud

Im leaning towards dominions 5(sorry aplod for not beeing that impressed by eador)…but ive also played distant worlds and after 80 hours i quit that because its just too little ,game,(mostly simulation…you don,t do enough yourself and the stuff you do is just tedious micromanagement.)
Im afraid that dominions 5 gets there too


I would recommend Qud over ADOM (unless you are broke since ADOM has a free version that isn’t outdated by several years) because cheap deaths are much easier to avoid if you play Qud carefully, whereas in ADOM it is much more common to get screwed by RNGus. Also Qud does a good job of describing most things ingame, while in ADOM you will have a hard time figuring out what the heck a stethoscope is for without looking it up.

But if I recall correctly, you are prefer games where you use strategy and tactics to prevail correct? I haven’t played Dominions 5 or eador, so I can’t exactly recommend them, but don’t they sound more like something you would be interested in then the Rougelikes?


That’s fine. You punish yourself by not playing it



here’s my top 3


E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy (PC, FPS-RPG)

Cult classic defined by being the very definition of an unpolished diamond in its incredibly confusing state: its hard to get into, has an incomprehensible plot, allows you to build with a good variety (if you thought borderlands gameplay was over the top, boy youre in for a R I D E), and is the best FPS ever. Also has the funniest reviews on steam, I guarantee it. go read that now. SEQUEL WHEN, STREUMON?

Final Fantasy Tactics (TRPG, PS1/PSP) (you know this one, dont need no presentation. play the psp version though)

You gotta play the third, man

I played that, its cool- two recs: Faust’s Alpatraum is a similar surreal horror thing, and then Middens which is even further down the surreal line

I dont know how to say this, but, you know, if you like Doki Doki, Subarashiki Hibi is gonna be that tenfold

other unmentioned titles could be FFVIII, IX, XII, Dissidia 012, and Type-0 (ARPG), Hyperlight Drifter (ARPG), Chantelise (ARPG), Borderlands + 2, Hollow Knight, Oxenfree (horror), and Subarashiki Hibi I guess? thats a visual novel though
These are all for pc


Doki Doki Subahibi Club?


i can see why, baldur’s gate 2 is pretty iconic and from what i’ve read, you can roleplay better in it than in the poe series.

nonetheless i’m just in love with the genre and i do my best not to drop games i’ve started playing, if ever i can’t finish them it’s coz of factors like the game is broken or my device can no longer play them.


My favorite single player game is planescape torment. No game had me so involved into story yet.


oh man, I heard about this one, almost got in on sale last time
So much on my backlog, and I consume so slowly, i gotta pick up the pace


if you’ve played the other Black Isle Studio titles, how would you compare Planescape to them?


I’d say it’s very similar in style to Arcanum of what you listed.


Faust’s Alpatraum looks interesting. Thank you.


y dont u like my main boy middens :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry: