Your Top Favourite Single Player Games


True. Any Pokemon game is a decent choice, but we talked about turn based tactical games in PM (behind the scene so to say :slight_smile: ), and I guessed Pokemon series wouldn’t qualify.

Emerald is probably my favorite of the series, btw. There’s almost nothing superfluous there.


In no particular order:

The entire Pikmin series (although mostly 2)
Stardew Valley
Pokemon HeartGold (and even more so Sacred Gold)
Pokemon Black 2 (and again even more so Blaze Black 2)
Pokemon Platinum
Don’t Starve Together (I play this solo)
The entire Kingdom Rush series
Hollow Knight
Viva Piñata TIP
Dragon Quest IX (the only one I’ve played, hoping to get XI)


Hell, yeah! The best tower defense game! I was thinking to include it into my own top, but forgot.


Zumba Fitness for Kinect (Xbox 360)
I’m not joking.



At least I guess you’re healthier than us joypad/keyboard/mouse users :rofl:


This sounds very interesting. I might give it a shot


If you have a choice you’d better play Langrisser 4 on PS2 (there’s a fan made English translation). It is superior in all aspects except plot.


Have you played dominions?Im kinda in the mood for a super deep TBS game and yet have to deceide what to go for


Sorry, don’t know anything about the title.

Edit. Visited steam page, and it looks pretty promising. I may try it later, thx for mentioning the game to me :slight_smile:


Uhm you also reminded me that there are some more old school games i absolutely loved
Vandal hearts (fft like)
Vagrant story
Parasite eve

Oh boy, those were the days

Edit:oh and the first 2 suikoden. Absolutely amazing.


Have you tried Just Dance(Any part)


Hit me up when you want to co-op.


(I tend to prefer a bit older games k)

The Chzo Mythos series (adventure)
NHL Eastside Hockey Manager (sports manager)
Lemmings (puzzle)
Super Mario 64
Rayman 3
Civilization (almost any)
Battle for Wesnoth


Did you play it on Genesis or…?


All are PC :slight_smile: good ol’ Windows 95 I think!


Lemmings are just everywhere :slight_smile: Too many platforms.


Lemmings! One of the very first games i played, with “another world” and the first prince of persia… And the first monkey island.

Man i’m feeling old now


My favourite single player games include the following in no particular order:

Super Robot Wars (many platforms, Turn Based Tactics)

A fun series of games, unfortunately most of the them are Japanese only aside from a few fan translations and OG1 and 2 for the GBA. I prefer SRWOG series to the others since I don’t watch anime and thus have no idea who the whole cast is in non OG games.

Caves of Qud (PC, Rougelike)
A nice game where you can play as a Mutant in a bizzare post-apocalypse world. The amount of crazy fun stuff you can do here is outstanding!

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead (PC, Rougelike)
Another great game set after the Apocalypse, although unlike Qud this one takes place in our familiar (mostly) modern world. There are heaps of things to do and find, the only downside is that recently some of the crazier fun stuff got removed :frowning: ( like the ability to make Mini-Nukes for your personal use)

ADOM (PC, Rougelike)
The last Rougelike on my list, I liked it less then the other two. It is still very nice when you get into it but It is almost impossible to do so without spoiling yourself silly :confused:

Age of Wonders I and III (PC, Turn Based Strategy)
For some reason the Age of Wonders II didn’t stick with me, but I really liked the other two even if they did have some issues in the lategame (constantly spamming the best units gets annoying).

Avadon Trilogy (PC, RPG)

Tomb of Tyrants (PC, Three in a row? the genre is mixed and mashed here)
A fun game where you play as a mighty Tyrant who hides at the bottom of his dungeon and commands his minions to stop adventurers from getting to him.

Special notice to Wonderland Adventures series, cute puzzle games for PC that give me nostalgia :smile:


The best one I ever played is American McGee’s Alice (PC, Action-adventure), try it!


random order:
xenogears (but this one is my fave)
chrono trigger, chrono cross
FF VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, X-2, XII, tactics, tactics advance
suikoden 1-3
star ocean 2: the second story
valkyrie profile
vagrant story
persona 2: eternal punishment
pillars of eternity, poe: deadfire
arcanum: of steamworks and magick obscura
wastelands 2: director’s cut
monkey island, monkey island 2: the curse of lechuck
maniac mansion: the day of the tentacle
quest for glory 4: shadows of darkness
diablo 1 and 2
shenmue 1 and 2
skies of arcadia
metal gear solid, mgs: sons of liberty
castlevania: symphony of the night
metroid 2: the return of samus
gran turismo
need for speed: rivals
dragon age: origins, da2, da: inquisition
super mario 2, super mario 3
phantasy star online (yeah played it solo on dreamcast)
nba live, fifa 18 (single player season)
sega rally championship

edit: forgot the ff:
front mission 3 and 4
devil may cry
zone of the enders: the 2nd runner