Your Top Favourite Single Player Games


I dunno if it’s an OK topic here. But I’m genuinely curious what games do you guys prefer.

So please present your top smth list of games here. Not MMO! Please also include genre and platform. You may include whole series if you’re not sure which one you like more.

These are the games I’m always willing to replay:

  1. Shining Force series (1-2 Genesis, 3 Saturn, Turn based Tactics/RPG)
  2. Langrisser 4 (Saturn/PS2, Turn based Tactics/RPG)
  3. Valkyria Chronicles (PC/PS3, Turn Based Tactics/TPS)
  4. Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced 2 (NDS, Turn Based Tactics/RPG)
  5. Terraria (PC, Adventure/Sandbox)
  6. Reus (PC, Puzzle/RTS/God game)
  7. Phantasy Star 2,4 (Genesis, JRPG)
  8. Mass Effect 2-3, Andromeda (PC, TPS/RPG)
  9. XCOM 2 - War of the chosen (PC, Turn Based Tactics/RPG)
  10. Valkiria Chronicles 3 (PSP, Turn Based Tactics/TPS)
  11. Endless Space 2 (PC, 4x TBS)
  12. FTL (PC, Roguelike)
  13. Heroes of Might and Magic 5 (PC, TBS)
  14. Eador : Genesis (PC, TBS/RPG)

And as a little bonus, not really most fun as an SP game, but the best fighting game I ever played:

  1. Touhou Hisoutensoku (PC, Fightning)

Also, I have to say, ordering is quite arbitrary. I can know for sure that I prefer, say, the 3rd title to the 10th one, but between the 3rd and the 2 nd it was hard to choose.

Edit. So many games I love!

  1. Dungeon Keeper (PC, indirect control strategy/ God game)
  2. Kingdom Rush series (PC/tablet, tower defense)

Everybody, thx for participating! You’ve enriched my “to play list” :slight_smile:


Hollow Knight (Platformer/Metroidvania) on PC and Switch
Enter the Gungeon (Roguelike), PC/Switch
Slay the Spire (Card game/Roguelike), PC


hob (puzzle,adventure)
hyperlight drifter(roguelike, adventure)
x-com 2(roguelike, tbs)


Skyrim - no presentation needed

Kerbal Space Program - infinite sandbox building + flight/space/failure simulator

Neuroshima Hex! (on tablet) - fast board wargame with fixed decks of cards

EDIT!! I forgot Spectromancer What a good card game Richard Garfield can produce when not pressured to extract money from children.


my fav. games on steam anyone knows anyways unless he has lived under a rock:
Terraria(my first game on steam BTW)
Monsterhunter world

Less known ones on steam

Ai war fleet command-assymetrical GS RTS,one of the best SP strategy games i know of

Battle for wesnoth-TBS.After just 40 hours i don,t think i can properly judge it…but so far it seems realy good,especialy considering that its completely free.Might get a few hundred hours out of it

Celeste-2d platformer.The best platformer ive ever played´.If you like platformers theres no way around celeste

Divinity original sin1+2,pillars of eternity 1+2.Your long and proper strategy RPG.Both series are great:divinity if you like exploring and simpe yet deep combat,pillars if you want a good lore/story and a bit more tactical yet difficult gameplay.All of these games have tremendous amounts of content

Butcher-2d platformer shooter.I liked the game so much that i searched for other games of that niche(unfourtanetly i didn,t find anything).Extremely fun

Monolith-the best shootemup style roguelike in my opinion(gungeon is very decent too if you are intot hat kind of game)

I could name alot more i enjoyed to similar extend…but for now that should be enough


Yeah! I love this one, too! Although I was disappointed by later expansions…

And mine :wink:

If you like this one, I assume you value gameplay over graphics. If my assumption is correct than you should definitely check Eador: Genesis. It’s pretty cheap ( I dunno it’s EU or American price, but I guess it’s even lower than 10 bucks), with a very thought out war game gameplay, nonlinear plot and is probably one of the best in its genre, IMO. Made almost exclusively by one Russian war game enthusiast. It’s VERY difficult though.

But please don’t buy remastered edition (it is called Eador : Masters of Broken World). While having OKaish graphics it’s vastly inferior due to numerous reasons. The main of which is the game being very unstable.

  1. Pokemon Black & White
  2. Pokemon Black 2 & White 2
  3. Terraria
  4. VA-11 Hall-A
  5. Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald
  6. Doki Doki Literature Club
  7. Mario Kart 64
  8. Mario Kart 8
  9. Magicite
  10. Mario Kart 7

I don’t play many games.


I don,t care much about graphics…but wesnoth has some gorgeous pixelart for some units(saurians look fantastic)
Wasn,t it always quite clear that i don,t value graphics much?(i mean…look at Ai war and how horrible that looks,doesn,t even support 1920x1080 properly)

How is the Ai in eador?Or is it multiplayer focused?(a dump cheating AI tends to ruin this kind of game)

Does it suffer from the same thing most oldschool strategy games suffer?:extremely high amounts of busy work and micromanagement paired with a horrible UI that is not only hard to navigate but also requires tons of clicks thanks to tons of unneeded layers

The game also looks very similar to Heroes of might and magic 3…is it?


mannn battle of wesnoth is a beast, i got the port on my phone XD


AI is quite OK, IMO. Most of the time it targets the easiest to kill ranged units, so it creates enough pain to feel challenged.

I’d say that game is SP focused, its campaign is its main feature. UI in original one (Genesis) is decent given how many options to do something you have. I’ve never had problems with it.

UI in remastered version is awful on the other hand :rofl: I just can’t understand how they managed to do it :slight_smile:

Speaking of micromanagement…it depends on your strategy, really. On larger maps tracking which building you build and where can become a bit of a pain, but overall it’s not completely necessary. Most build options you have in your capital, while provinces’ build-tree is pretty straightforward. Only one building allowed :slight_smile: Not too hard to track.

Speaking of its resemblence to HoMM - I think not. It’s probably closer to Disciples 3, but Eador does right what Disciples 3 did wrong :slight_smile: But I have to stress out - the game is VERY challenging even on lower difficulties. Steep learning curve and shitty tutorial is the main issue for most players. Tutorial teachs you how to use UI, what to click and such, but it explains almost no tactical mechanics IIRC.

But if you’re a TBS pro/lover you should definitely take a look when you have time. It’s a must. I strongly recommend you at least read through Steam reviews of the game if I wasn’t persuasive enough :slight_smile:


Baldur’s gate 2
Final fantasy tactics (the first, on ps)
Castlevania simphony of the night
Final fantasy vii
Fallout series
The first 2 diablos (and torchlight, path of exile and grim dawn on the same level)

Those are the first that come to mind but there are probably more i’m forgetting right now


Of what I remember so far-

Top favourites :grin::sparkles::
Trails in the Sky SC, and the rest of series available (JRPG)
Xenoblade Chronicles 1 (JRPG)

Others favourites :smiley::
Nier Automata (incomplete)
Mario Kart Series (only racing series I like) Wii, GC

Other mentions :slightly_smiling_face::
Okami 1; Zelda Series, Tales of Berseria (incomplete)

Some platform games I like :slightly_smiling_face::
Iji, Shovel Knight, Cave Story, Valdis Story.


How did I forget about this?

New list

  1. Pokemon Black & White
  2. Pokemon Black 2 & White 2
  3. Terraria
  4. VA-11 Hall-A
  5. Shovel Knight
  6. Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire & Emerald
  7. Doki Doki Literature Club
  8. Mario Kart 64
  9. Mario Kart 8
  10. Magicite


There aren’t many games of this sort that can run on my Mac, so I don’t have too much experience. My favorite so far is Borderlands 2, although it most likely will be replaced in the future. I hope by Borderlands 3.


But you can still play old console games through emulators :wink: There are plenty of awesome titles of various genres there .


That’s a thought. Any recommendations?


I thought I would copy it here from PM if anyone else is interested.

OK. I dunno which kind of emulators Mac has, so I just name a couple of titles. From older consoles to newer ones.

Genesis: Shining Force 1-2. RPG/Tactics with AWESOMELY beautiful cartoonish graphics. Just take a look: (skip to battle scene, about 2:00). There’s a remake of Shining Force 1 for GBA called Shining Force: Ressurection of the Dark Dragon with even better graphics and some additional content, you may check this one instead. More RPG than tactics, but a pretty and interesting one.

SNES: Der Langrisser. Tactics/RPG with highly nonlinear plot (just check this plot graph O_o: Deep tactical combat with Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock-… mechanics. RPG element involves promoting your commanders, that will result in them being able to hire different units. Even more interesting, you can promote some warrior commanders into level 2 wizards than level 3 warriors which will result in them being able to cast some spells, while packing a punch. Promoting is nonlinear - you have several options at each level. And the list of commanders you get (each with his own upgrade tree) depends on the plot path you choose, so replayability is vast.

GBA. Of all fire emblem games I played my favourite is Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones on GBA. Can’t say much about it, overall decent tactics. Can’t say that the series is the best happened to me in all my gaming life, but it is a good game.
There’s also a remake of Shinning Force I already mentioned.

PSP: Valkyria Chronicles 3. Only in Japanese…but there’s fan made english patch out there. Very special game, Turn Based Tactics + Third Person Shooter in one special brew. Characters are very awesome, plot is also good.

Saturn: Shining Force 3, parts 1,2,3. The first part was officially released in ENG, other 2 are fan translated. Same as the Shining Force 1-2 in idea, but with some nice additional mechanics. What is that part 1,2,3 stuff is about, you ask? In each part you play through mostly the same story but from the different sides of conflicts. Decisions made in Part 1 make some events in Parts 2 and 3 different, Part 2 also influences Part 3. These are 3 different games, so you will have to load save file from the previous one into the next. All three are playable standalone though, but I see no reason to play part 3 without ever playing parts 1 and 2.

I have to go for now, I may continue later. Tell me what you think, I wonder if you found anything I proposed interesting enough.

There’s also Langrisser 4 (fan translated) for PS1 or 2, don’t remember, which is arguably superiour to SNES Der Langrisser, but has a bit less complex plotline. Graphics and gameplay is better, though.

Oh and also Final Fantasy Tactics Advance on GBA and Advance 2 on Nintendo DS. I like the second title more. Childish graphics and plot, but a very good game


It was a bit hard to think of single player games for me, as I normally play multiplayer ones. Duelyst, Guild Wars, GTA Online and LoL are the usual suspects.

But for single player games without putting them in any sort of order would be.

Stardew Valley
Total War (Mostly the Warhammer Franchise part)
Motorsport Manager
Pokemon (Emerald or Crystal being my favourite)
Middle-earth: Shadow of (Mordor/War)
Portal 1+2
Star Wars Battlefront 1+2 (the original ones not the remakes)
Nascar 2007 (for ps2)
Le Mans 24 hours (for ps1)
Need For Speed Most Wanted (the original for ps2)

There are other games that I’ve enjoyed but I haven’t put enough time into them or not finished them yet to call them my favourites like…

Dead Cells
Bomber Crew
Cat Quest
Streets of Rogue
Book of Demons

There are probably more games but I haven’t remembered them yet.


Any of the elder scrolls games ofc
divinity original sins 1 and 2
the borderlands series
slay the spire
darkest dungeon
Thea the awakening (Thea the shattering soon to be released)
King of Dragon Pass


Also gonna add:

Pokemon Emerald.