Your thoughts of rust crawler this season is it Staple or Trash?


I’m personally running one sometimes two if i see alot of sajj n abyssian…but let us know your thoughts of rust crawler for this season is it now a staple or trash?




A simple tech card. Not meta defining at all, artifact decks are pretty rare. So yeah, trash.


It’s good in control Magmar. Especially in Lyo match up


Pretty much this. If Saji ever becomes dominant, tech it in. Well, first question how bad balance must have gotten to get to that point, THEN tech it in.


well abyssian deathwatch artifact can end games too


I don’t find myself needing them, so I run none in any of my decks:

As Lyonar, it is more efficient to punish artifacts with tempo rather than waste a valuable 2 drop spot. Against Lyonar, this card is pretty good, since it takes out Regalia

As songhai, it is more efficient to just use pings from Bloodrage Mask and 4 winds than to give up a 2 drop spot. This card is pretty bad vs Songhai since the most it will take out is a Bloodrage mask

As Vetruvian, Rasha’s Curse is probably better since it doubles as removal. Against Vetruvian… wait, it’s possible to play against Vetruvian?

As Abyssian, this card is not that bad. However, creep pings and Shadowdancer can do the job almost as well as Rust crawler while also providing synergy. I guess it’s OK against Abyssian, since it can take out Spectral Blade.

As Magmar, face the heck out of the opposing artifacts. Vaath’s BBS counters Arclyte, a previously difficult card for Magmar to deal with. Against Magmar; this is not too useful either since Vaath does not usually run artifacts, and Starhorn’s Twin Fang usually kills the turn it is played

As Vanar, going face and Faie BBS countersArtifacts well enough. Against Vanar; other than rush decks, not too many Vanar decks run artifacts.


i guess its more useful for me since i’m running a ziran build


You don’t want to use slots on Zir’an for Rust Crawlers, you want more healing/healing synergies.


Check again if you had enough tools to pop the artifact down? :slight_smile: if yes, then no need to play rust crawler


i bet this weekend everyone gonna be maining 3 rust crawlers thanks to magmar drogon


Rust Crawler doesn’t interact with that at all; you don’t need adamantite claws for it to be useful.


well we dont know yet we have yet to see any artifacts thats the scary part


It’s more useful with artifacts, sure, but the vast majority of the time artifacts are going to be wholly uninvolved because it would both cost too much mana and take too long to set up where playing it raw is pretty good.


well never know maybe there’s a 2 mana artifact that automatically equips itself 2 turn after destruction lol

  • Everyone is going to run Rust Crawlers when the expansion hits because of Drogon!

  • Euhm, Rust Crawler doesn’t necessarily counter the card because you don’t have to have artifacts for it to be useful….

  • I am aware of that, we don’t know yet as we didn’t see any new scary artifacts.

Just your typical nonsensical conversation with Kev. Never change :heart:

OT: Depending on the future meta, Rust Crawlers may or may not be run in amount higher than usual.


It is neither a staple nor trash.


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