Your absolute favorite card


As the title suggests. It can be the pixel art and animation of the card, the special effect or even just lore. Tell me your favorite card!

I personally love the Borean Bear card because the bear can be woken from hibernation and be an absolute force to be reckon with.

Favorite Cards?
What is your favourite forgotten card?

mine is Shadowdancer, she has such an elegant way of fighting. and her very existence makes the enemy goes crazy and struggle to remove her, even though she almost never touches anything.


So many possibilities for so few mana.
Versatilty made flesh :heart:


frostiva. forcefield is my favorite keyword and vanar is my favorite faction. The sprite also looks amazing and it has won me multiple games with it’s effect


Aymara Healer. You play her right and she swings games, on an empty board, game-ending.
She is IMO one of the most powerful 6-drops in the game and she my favourite.


As always, still going with Radiant Dragoon. Kain was always my favorite FF tagonist.



At this point, it’s absolute “pet card” status. It has my favorite aesthetic (Sun Seer, White Widow etc), it’s a functional pivoting tool, and it plays well with my other favorite cards (Inner Oasis, Ruby Rifter, Astral Phasing.) It isn’t the terror, the community psyched it up to be, but it’s super sweet. Also, pulled one in my first pack of Shim’Zar.


One of the first powerful cards i ever opened, and up to this day his strength remains untouched. He is a balanced killing machine, with such a unique and yet simple effect.

Magmar was the first faction i felt i love with, and this guy is an absolute staple: you just cant play magmar without him.


Mirage Master :wink:. Sadly I can’t find a place for it in many of my decks and comboing it with Siphon is no longer possible, but I will never forget when I out-swarmed Lilithe or multiplied a baddly-planned spelljammer.


It’s got to be Hexblade. Just look at the curves on this baby.

Nothing makes you feel quite so powerful as looking an Ironcliff Guardian in the eye, with its big health pool and that buff it got from Argeon’s BBS and then smacking it down to death with your own BBS and only getting hit for one damage. When Falcius isn’t around, Hexblade got your back. And damn. Sometimes you just want to smack the enemy General about for five damage. Spinecleaver is a lot of people’s preferred Legendary artifact for Sajj but Hexblade has always been there for me before Shim’zar, and when it’s comboed with Wildfire Ankh, it makes me feel unstoppable.


Definitely Nimbus, for 5 mana you get 11 stats even if it is dispelled that is some solid value not to mention the affect is absolutely ridiculous if used in conjunction with vetruvians buff cards as a form of healing.


Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain!


Either I’m an okay player or I just played against Songhai decks that had unlucky players but I’ve always had an answer for Lantern Fox.

Another card that’s my favorite is the Wailing Overdrive because of the screaming animation on the card itself.


I’m a vanar main and mine would be Wailing Overdrive :slight_smile: that’s the only surprise butt sex that my faction can make to end a game


Silithar Elder he is perfection. Look at this sprite
It’s so beautiful
Not to mention his effect


The suicide-inducing pink unicorn of death, no doubt about it.


Sunset Paragon is a meanie. :frowning: I’ve had that used against me and it was like a holy immo wiping my board.


I’m torn between nimbus and aymara. Nimbus because is so cool and aymara because is so good


Everything with Rush - especially


Bloodmoon Priestess.

She truely is a proper necromancer. The ability to summon unending waves of wraithlings combined with the ability to completly protect her self, and sometimes your general as well, with an unbreakable wall of undead just fulfills my every fantasy of my necromantic inclined play-style.

She is a powerful but surprisingly balanced card. To top that off she is dirt cheap, has cool art, and was one of the first cards I ever crafted.