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Youngest drawn fan art?

My four year old daughter often sits on my lap and watches me play Duelyst (I also use the game to teach her simple mathmatics). Recently, she was inspired to draw several units from the game, which I thought I’d share (with her permission). Is this fan art from the youngest artist to draw something from Duelyst?

Reva (or as she calls her, the “Red Lipstick Girl”) is her favourite unit :slight_smile:


that is actually really cute, at 4 years old i’m probably still eating dirt.


Those are pretty good for a 4 year old!

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Still draws better than me :slight_smile:


She seems dedicated to drawing bad cards. I mean, when was the last time ns assassin or wolfraven saw play?


The last time I saw a Nightshroud assassin was when I played it. I was like wow this card is good. Then I didn’t draw it until 7 mana and I was really dissapointed.

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You, my friend, have a young, growing artist on your hand :grin:!


I had some other wallpapers before but they were junk compared to this:

tell her I said thanks :?)


Faie and the assassin looks so cute xd


This is awesome haha, definitely gotta pass this around to everyone :smiley: Got a real artist on your hands, these drawings are sweet :slight_smile:


I’m really glad that Duelyst is proven to both be fun AND educational! Now why didn’t she draw any of Vertuvian or our favorite card, Serpenti?


largebanana, kopiuyt, seraphicreaper, akurane: Her mother and I actively promote her to produce as much art as possible.

jon678910, BlankTrack: She also likes looking through my card collection, and we talk about her favourite cards from there too.

maelrawn: Haha, I will :slight_smile:

qioo: Her second favourive card is Faie.

Ryvirath: We did talk once about the possibility of CPG seeing these or not. She will be happy to know that you guys have seen them.

mmf: She really enjoys opening up orbs. However, in order for her to do so, she must always tell me the exact amount of gold I have each time she wants to open an orb. Because of this, in a relatively short space of time, she went from getting two digit numbers correct to three digit numbers. She has just started on four digit numbers now. Vetruvian cards don’t have as many female units as the others, which is why she is biased towards these factions :wink:


Just thought I’d tell you that you can use @ before the name if you want them to get a notification.


I love the angry eyebrows, Duelyst is all about angry eyebrows


Good god, this is heart-warming! Really makes me feel warm inside; this thread and this comment section. :hugging:

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