You summoned that? I summoned that! 3 Puzzles


Here are 3 otk puzzles I made with a similar theme-- stealing your opponent’s things.

I wanted to do the drop down list thing but couldn’t remember how to format them.

They get harder from 1 to 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

PM me if you want to know the solutions.

EDIT: Oh no! I made a mistake on puzzle three. I’ll update it later, but the stormmetal golem shouldn’t exist and ironcliffe should be in the bottom corner next to lilithe-- and that bottom wraithling is exhausted. Goddammit I forgot it was so easy to suicide Vorpal ;.;

Actually there are other problems too. Puzzle 1, vaath should be above shiro, puzzle 2 the 4/5 bonechill should be two spaces behind faie (which forces cass to have 16 health)… though puzzle 2 is mostly working fine.
I can never properly design a puzzle on the first go. Oh well.

Sorry they’re kinda messy. Setting these up is difficult >.>


[details=number 1]Psychic conduit the egg
equip the artifact
Time maelstrom
Kill the tombstone with grincher +sajj
Run the new elder into vaath
punch vaath
run the elder into him again

[details=number 2]punch the dancer
Polarity then zenrui the dancer
Light bender the klaxon
Attack stuff and punch face with walls until victory[/details]

[details=number 3]move solus forward
Suicide your reaver into vanquisher and stormmetal
Punch face with solus [/details]
The first puzzle is named puzzle3.jpg :expressionless:
I’m just gonna call it number one.


[details=1st puzzel]pschic conduit the tombstone
equip artifact
move sajj to the elder
attack vaath with grincher
use time mealstrom and move and attack

[details=2nd puzzel]Ima assume that the spell that gave all walls +4/4 and flying was used sooo
silence only klaxon
atk shadow dancer then polarity and zenrui
then fly in with the walls for the kill[/details]

[details=3rd puzzel]move the wraithling between solus and spectral up 1
silence the vanquisher
move lilithe up 1
move solus beside ziran
trade spectral into ironcliffe
attack with should be 26/7 solus
if not maybe u have to trade that one wraithling into the sun seer to get more dmg[/details]


No, the walls don’t get flying! They just move.

The puzzle names are built to confuse you :stuck_out_tongue:

Also how are yall making the dropdown lists?






O my bad was mixing it up this idea I had with the aspect of the drake I think with that wall spell
Flying walls seemed pretty fun