You have everything, what are your Twitch drops?


Just being curious about Twitch drops, as I got a silly/funny emote this morning.

Long time players, veterans who already have all cosmetic items, what are your twitch drops? Does the system re-roll if you already have these? Does it replace it with the equivalent Spirit (do you get Spirit often)?

Edit: The list of possible drops for reference.

  • different amounts of gold (e.g. 25g, 50g, 75g, 100g, 125g, 150g)
  • different amounts of spirit (e.g. 40, 100, 150, 200, 450)
  • Profile icons
  • Emotes
  • Common crate
  • Rare crate
  • Epic crate
  • 1 core orb
  • 2 core orbs
  • 3 core orbs
  • 1 Trials of Mythron orb
  • 2 Trials of Mythron orbs
  • 3 Trials of Mythron orbs


I still don’t own all of the cosmetic items, so I dunno. But I did get various drops from several core orbs to stupid emotes.


I haven’t being receiving 3 orbs in months and I was actually wondering if they took off that option from the drop :thinking:


3 orbs are still in there, you probably had bad luck.


I’m pretty sure I’ve received the same profile icons a few times, but I’ve never checked to see if it got converted into spirit or got nothing since I already owned it. Even though I don’t every profile icon, emotes etc.


Got 3 orbs last week.

You get all cosmetics you don’t own first, as soon as you have all of them (in a rarity) you get spirit.


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