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You are ruining Duelyst


I came on to the forums because I’m fed up. I really like Duelyst, especially the board mechanic of the game. Unfortunately most decks being played are so fast it barely matters. The game seems to be geared towards winning in as few turns as possible. This is horrible for Cassyva creep decks as I have to get to late game, but basically every deck is being designed to smash the game extremely quickly. This is not fun. The game is not fun for me anymore. The board game feature feels pointless. Even if I’m blocking Cass has such shit cards that nothing seems to be enough. Cassyva needs to be improved and I swear to god if one more person tells me that Cassyva doesn’t need a buff or she is in a good place, please stfu. I play Cass and have done for months. I play against decks that are purely full of faction cards from that generals deck, yet mine is nowhere near competitive without running a bunch of stupid looking neutrals, not even cool cards, fucking 1 mana and 2 mana cards I’ve filled my deck with to desperately try get to high mana cards, unfortunately the game is being balanced to be over before it’s even begun. You are taking the fun out of Duelyst and making it just another TCG. The time to kill and end a game is just way to quick and has made the game boring. Please improve Cassyva, please stop making the game so fast.I want a chess game mixed with a TCG not just a super fast card game.

Please fix this Duelyst the game is too fast and Cassyva cards are pathetic. There are so many cool looking cards in the game and I’m still running ephemeral shrouds, healing mystics and blistering skorns…

Apparently you don’t care about these cards. I never see them played and I can’t see a way to fit them into my deck http://i.imgur.com/ieaQnYH.png. I want a pure Abyssian Cassyva deck that is awesome, like Vetruvian and Songhai get. And basically every other faction. Please give Cass players a nice run on early game that is pure faction cards. And slow the whole game down because its boring being beaten by a lucky roll in 2-3 turns. I’d play a normal TCG if I wanted it to be that braindead.

Here is my deck if you’re wondering http://i.imgur.com/YiZlX4x.png it got me to Diamond rank 4 last month.


But cassyva creep deck is one of the best ones at the moment, specifically because of it’s strong early game and the ability to refill your hand. I used cassy myself to get S last season, and I didn’t even play the fastest version of the deck which is the strongest at the moment.

You must be doing something horribly wrong if the result of you playing the deck is making the thread called “You are ruining Duelyst”.


Show me that deck link it please.


Currently I’m running pulses instead of grasps though.


First of, Cassy is getting way more popular again due to her having a relatively good Spellhai matchup to due her pings and many ways to heal, second there are fast and midrange cassy lists that do very well. In general i agree that the meta was way more fun when it was way slower, but Cassy isn’t really in a bad place. She isn’t exactly tier 1 but she is in a good spot. That being said Cassy has some very good early game control tools like grasp and sphere of darkness letting her ping off 2-drops and kill them with your face, while you have kelaino, spectral blade and void pulse for heal. I’d suggest going to manaranks and checking out the cassy lists they have there.


Can someone tell me why that link makes my post that much longer lol.


11 non faction card is pretty much standard lol. That is what neutrals are there for in the end, to complement your faction card pool. The only lists that run less neutrals are Songhai, simply due to their combo nature. You usually don’t need draw in the early game unless you are playing Zoo, i have no idea what you are burning your cards on, not to mention that Rite is one of the best draw ressources in the game.


Show me a pure Cass deck that is in S rank. I got one word for you. Spellhai. I want a pure faction deck that isn’t shit. Tell me I’m wrong now.


There are no pure faction decks outside of spellhai, if there were neutrals would be pointless, and thre is no drawback in using neutrals so i don’t get what your point is my man.

Can someone please just lock this thread? This guy must be trolling.


I honestly won’t even bother with you. I’ll let the mods close the thread and hopefully it will result in you learning some manners. Even though I have a feeling I’m going to see another thread instead, probably about devs trying to silence people like you for saying the hard truth.

Folks, report the thread and move on. It’s not worth it.


LOL Vetruvian has one I see it all the time and I can guarantee you 11 neutrals is not normal. Show me some good decks with 11 neutrals that have the most boring rules ever. Ooo healing mystic healed me for 2 hp, great, ooo a ephemeral shroud I dispelled something… big whoop. Ooo primus shield master so fun! Seriosuly these are the most ugly and boring cards. This is a dirty band aid over a broken Cass deck.


Report yourself for coming into my thread to try tell me my opinion isn’t worth anything when honestly I’m fed up, angry and annoyed at Duelyst right now and these are my reasons. I want to be heard and I want the game to change. I am a player ljust like you. If you don’t agree don’t post, all you did was cause an argument, always one like you who has to stick their opinion in just to disagree with someone, based on what, fact? No that is your opinion, if you disagree go make another thread don’t just come into mine to be a dick.


Can you show us a link of this Vetruvian deck of yours? Vet generally uses as many neutrals as any other faction.

And what us wrong with simple cards with straightforward effects? 2 HP can be the difference between losing an important minion or not, and 2 attack is the same for your enemy, while dispel is run by virtually every deck with the possible exception of spellhai, who simply burns the world down.

Plus, Healing Mystic is so cute :blush:.


I don’t agree that Cassyva needs a buff or something, she’s fine but I do agree that the game is way too fast. 9/10 games I play are people just going face with spells, buffs etc and barfing out minions. No strategic element with the board, nothing and I can’t do shit against it. The healing tech cards they introduced are not good at all and they don’t help the situation.

I’ve said this so many times, 25 is too low of a health total especially with this game that we begin with 2 and 3 mana. Why wouldn’t people play aggro decks? It’s so easy. Cassyva is the ONLY good control deck out there and even with her the faster version is better. I wonder why.


I agree with the “they ruin the game with that fast paced nature part” but your neutrophobia (word creation ftw) is really awkward. Just looked through my decks and all of them have 10+ neutrals outside of Songhai ofc who just have 3 jammers. But that’s not a fair comparison anyway as Songhai is stupid and the main culprit behind the fast paced game atm. When it comes to basic things such as card draw and mana drops all factions have to use neutrals because the faction card pool isn’t big enough atm. I mean some factions don’t even have 3 playable 2 mana minions.


Everything is wrong with them when you want to play a cool looking interesting deck with awesome complicated rules and crazy shit that confuses people. SO MANY DECKS I FACE HAVE THESE CARDS so I don’t see why you have a problem with me suggesting Cass is brought up to the same standard. I know what I see with my own eyes I don’t need someone to tell me I’m wrong when I see it in every damn game. Also I don’t want a “cute” card in my deck tyvm I’d like more options. Cassyva Abyssian with cute cards in it… I want to vomit. Look at the link above and the cards I linked, why aren’t these played, why aren’t I allowed to be annoyed about this? Got a reply for that!? Here I will link them again http://i.imgur.com/ieaQnYH.png. Or am I not allowed to be annoyed about this either because I should be ok with boring rule cards and cute cards that don’t match my deck and 11 neutrals even though Songhai gets a full Songhai deck and new cards coming into the game which I can’t use and nobody uses and games being over in 2-3 turns… It’s fine you carry on playing if you love it so much. If Duelyst wants players like myself to stick around they will slow down the game and make Cass cards worth it.


I don’t know the exact Vetruvian deck, but I just filled a deck with cards I see all the time which are OP AF. Vetruvian is definitely running decks with hardly any neutrals or none at all. If they do have them all they do is bring our Vetruvian cards against me http://i.imgur.com/o7Szo1k.png


Again, which decks you face other than spellhai lack “boring” neutrals? I can’t say why the cards you linked aren’t very used because I am a Vetruvuan main, but there are many “cool” cards from my faction I replaced with more practical neutrals.



Can we stop replying to him already, please, and ignore senseless threads that exist for one-sided “bash everything that’t duelyst because I’m salty” reasons? There’s no point talking to angry blockheads.


Yeah instead listen to all the people who massage your ego Duelyst and never take any constructive feedback on board from people who have problems with the game. That’s how to do game development!


Honestly, if you don’t like threats where people complain about the game just don’t go into them? It’s not like you would expect praises in a topic named “you are ruining duelyst”. Everybody can post his oppinion here, not just the fanboys.