Yet another Lilith Creep Deck


I just went on an 8 game win streak after tossing this together and flew to gold so I figure I’ll share since it’s a fun deck.

Nocturnes with Abyssal Crawlers means you have a steady supply of wraithlings to act as walls which is primarily what you’re using all wraithlings for. Nocturnes with Lilith’s bloodborn spell means you can paint the board as you move along. Use your other minions as lightning rods to help protect your Nocturnes. Lilith really never has to engage outside of blocking. Shadow Nova gives you a block of wraithlings that are useful for separating yourself. Obliterate is your primary win card and it’s actually easy to get enough creep on the board well ahead of it being playable.


Not to burst your bubble or anything, but getting through Silver isn’t really a standard for… anything.

The deck itself seems pretty subpar, honestly. You have exactly one threatening minion (x3), Juggernaut. Other than that, you have nothing to hold the mid game with. Nocturne is going to die to almost single removal, not to mention AOE. Your opponents are just going to clear your board and ram your face because you don’t have anything to threaten them to back off. Obliterate is no good if you’re going to die first.


I play the game to have fun rather than try to race up the leader boards. When I find something goofy and fun then I like to post it. Plus it’s matched up pretty well against a lot of Magmar decks because it forces players to blow their aoe early. Since it’s easy enough to replace your minions and you have so many speed bumps, they burn through AOE fast. And that doesn’t really address the creep. Punish with wraithlings means that most large enemy minions are ignorable and since you’re sitting in the back you can plink at the enemy general with spells. Obliterate is usually overkill.


Strong Magmar decks will just hit your face and finish you in few turns, because you don’t run enough threats to reliably hit late game. At least this is what I think, based on my experience with both Magmar and Abyssian.

Anyway, it’s cool you enjoy the list! I’m just criticizing it, because I guess you posted it to have a discussion :slight_smile:


If you have any Spectral Revenants, you should put them in - cut the Shadow Nova and Void Pulse. If you have them, 1-of Klaxxon and Variax can provide sticking power for longer games.

Personally, I’d run it with Cassy, Nocturne notwithstanding. Without Soul Grimoire, Shadow Dancer, Shadow Watcher or Death Fire Crescendo, there’s little point in building a swarm.

Of course then what you’d be left with is a bog standard meta viable creep deck :slight_smile:


Exactly. The point is to make a functional creep deck that uses wraithlings as fuel. Currently still going and almost hit diamond with it. Ramp decks seem to have a hard time with it because the amount of removal just makes things like Juggernaut a non-issue.


I’d cut 1 rite, grasp and pulse for 3 reaper, or 3 revenants. But honestly, this deck falls too easily against lightbender teched decks due little to no threats. Cass might do better as well due no swarm synergy here at all (bbs+punish is very strong). If you want to stick with Lilithe you need deathwatch synergy to run efficiently.


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