Yet Another Lethal Puzzle Thread


Food for thought. Try to find lethal.

[details=Spoilers]This seems like exact lethal, but I could not see the correct configuration of movements for 2 full wind runner buffs while hitting Zirix’s face with it. I might be wrong though. Would’ve been disgusting if I’m wrong.

I went on to lose the game because I screwed up on the maths at the time and thought I could’ve killed him even with -1 buff so he got favorable trades and cleared my board and surrounded my face. At 1 health. Must’ve felt nice.[/details]


So it’s not really lethal?
I can only find the solution that leaves the enemy with one hp.
Still cool though.


May I know does wind runner grants buff to the minions around it at the initial spot? Or does ti grant the buffs to the minions around it after it stops moving?


If I remember correctly, its after moving. Source: there was a daily challenge with it a few months ago.


If @thefirstgokun is correct, I dont think you could’ve fished for lethal.


That puzzle is broken. I cannot select any minions or play any cards.


Here we go boys!

Attempt 1

1: Move General straight up 2 spaces. Move Ki Beholder forward 2 and move the back Heartseeker forward and down diagonally.

2: Summon Wind Runner directly below General. Inner focus and run him down one space so that he buffs all three of your Ranged minions. Go face with Wind Runner for 3 damage.

3: Inner Focus Wind Runner again and run him back to his original position, buffing your two Heartseekers. Go face with Wind Runner for 3 more damage.

The General is now at (22-6=)16 Health. Ki Beholder has been buffed once to 4 Attack and both Heartseekers are double buffed to 3 Attack.

4: Attack with your General and all your Ranged minions for (2+3+3+4=)12 damage. Nuke with Phoenix fire and you get 3 more damage which is 15 reducing the enemy General to 1 health FUCKK

If you could replace Airdrop Doggo into a Juxta, Inner Focus or MDS then this would be possible, but as it is right now I’m not so sure…