Ye olden whistlin' blade


Whisting blade is to me one of the most enigmatic and cool cards in the game.

So how the heck do you explain it? It’s a massive juggernaut with only two attack, and it looks kinda plant like, I’d say.

Therefore I make this the official whistling blade fan club, and I call upon you to try to write some lore up for this guy.

Here’s my own entry.

[spoiler]Deep in jungles of Draug’s Landing, a sinister force lurks - an alien presence, unlike any denizen of the land.

You tread the rough terrain, probably quite tired as you reach the inner layers of the jungle. You came prepared. Perhaps you are versed in the arcane, or maybe you just brought all a self-respecting traveler would take to a jungle Either way, you’re pretty confident. You bunk up, ready to sleep.

It is then that you start to feel…uneasy…watched. You think it is merely paranoia, natural instincts, but like it was reading your mind, the stalker answers you. It whistles. it is a song of finesse, of intricacy, a song so unique, so organic, that it reaches deep into your mind. You cannot hear where it is coming from. You cannot see who, or what, is whistling, but you grow afraid.

You came prepared, and something as silly as this won’t intimidate you…right? You search your surroundings, and find nothing. You head onwards, but the whistling follows you, and as it does, you follow yourself, inevitably stumbling back to the very spot you came from.

The damn whistling, the soothing song - it isn’t letting go. No matter what you do, it follows you like a curse, and so you stay in the jungle depths, letting the song wash over you. In this moment, you feel at peace, as if the entire world is a place of harmony.

Then you feel the blade. While you were entranced, your stalker finally made its move, but it didn’t kill you, or even would you fatally. It is a tiny, insignificant stab, or a little swipe that flayed a bit of skin. An annoyance.

You look for the creature, but find nothing. You try to escape, but there is no route to take at this point, and the whistling continues. It continues on and on, until you grow weak, until it strikes again.

Until it strikes again, claiming one more bit of you for itself - for the jungle. Slowly winning you over in some perverse, inhuman game.

Before your final agonizing moments, you finally see the creature. You expected a sadistic beast, an infernal spawn, but what lies before you is a stoic sentry, a nigh-motionless guardian. A calm visage on its face, a steady blade in its hand, it’s calling for you.

There are many tales about the song of the whistling blades. Some say it is an wordless incantation that muddles travelers. There are stories about the whistling being an anthem of some long-lost civilization. Those more grim will say that the being is trying to communicate, but cannot speak. Maybe it’s mocking you. Perhaps the whistling has no meaning whatsoever to it.

Perhaps it is a requiem.[/spoiler]


It’s not that I want to be THAT guy, but… The Whistling Blades are located in Xaan.


Nice story, I did enjoy the reading :slight_smile:


Very nice story. But, and I am sorry if you don’t like me being so technical, you made it seem like it had ‘doesn’t allow counterattacks (backstab?)’ or so.

Btw I am running a surprisingly successful Argeon deck with 2 Whistling Blades :slight_smile: (but I haven’t had the chance to play them yet :p)


I remember one time in Gauntlet I had to Martyrdom an enemy Whistling Blade. I lost that match :cry:


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