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Xor'xuul alcuin sarlac grimwar deck


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oh i thought you mean did i draw my avatar from my deck xD. No it’s not my drawing but it’s representing Hattori which is my favorite brawlhalla fighter


I like Nyx better


yeah nyx have op signature moves, i considered playing her, but i played so much hattori that sword and spear are in my musle memory and i can’t get a hang on how to use scythe :confused:


so i made some changes to my deck mainly removing gor since it’s annoying to deal with, adding gates of the undervault. The biggest problem i have with this deck is when i don’t draw sarlac then all my spells does nothing :frowning:.


Tobiahu has reached his final form: no 2 drops.


So zero turn 1 play as player 1 :persevere:.
Guaranteed milling of card.
Now if that milled card is a Sarlac…


There is a reason people play so many 2 drops, not because they are so great but falling behind is really difficult to come back from.

And if you don’t get a Sarlac or if your Sarlac get dispelled or transformed then you automatically lose.

Gors are a great alternative to Sarlac (even though they are way worse) but that’s still not enough minions.


On a more serious note, Gors are great. It’s a 2 mana Sarlac, so what’s not to hate love?


I hate gors because when i play them in a deck with ritual banishing, xor’xuul and blood echoes when most of my minions are gors then my turn pass before all my pets move. But you guys are right i need 2 drops i guess i will have to live with gor pets and swap them for gate of the undervault.


Just Abyssian things.


maybe add some furor chakram?


Hey, we’re in Tobiahu World and anything can work.
How about Jaxi instead of Gor? Play it hyper defensively.


I don’t have space for furor chakram, it doesn’t complete xor’xuul trial
i really like gor/sarlac interaction with consuming rebirth and blood echoes which unfortunately don’t work with jaxi.


What do you mean doesn’t work with Jaxi?
Still procs dying wish giving you an extra mini-jaxi.

Unless you mean using on the mini-jaxi, which won’t give another body.


i mean this deck swarm all the board with 1/1 pretty fast and i don’t really need 1/1 with ranged, what i really need is swarm the board faster. I will drop some gameplay later so you guys can see what i mean, this is literally the most fun i’ve had with a deck and it is super powerful.


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