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Xor'xuul alcuin sarlac grimwar deck


This is the deck I’ve had most success and fun with.
It can complete xor’xuul trial in turn 5, which i will show on replay. It can swarm the board with gors and sarlacs. It can drop alcuin fugitive and heal 5 per turn for 1 mana or finish trial and multiply alcuins for potentially heal 30 for 6 mana. It can spam removal spells. It can give +30 attack to general with soul grimwar blood echoes combo. It can spam desolators. And most importantly it can do all this with very low mana curve. I put only 2 alcuin fugitives in the deck because I don’t want to draw it before i finish my xor’xuul trial and after trial i can multiply it with consuming rebirth or blood echoes anyway. The only problem i have with this deck is when i don’t draw sarlac and draw gor instead and all board is gor so my turn pass before all my pets move. What do you guys think about this deck?



I think you need more 2 drops. Carrion Collector, Azure Herald, and Cryptographer are all solid options to consider.


No. Trust me, he always draws gors and sarlacs :joy:


Im still against 3 Vellumscry


this is some good trial cass right here. it looks beautiful my dud.

i suggest you try this:
immediate effect, can be used as t1, reusable.

I also have assumptions that you may be able to get a third replace in if you use something like consuming rebirth on this guy. EDIT (not consuming rebirth, blood echoes)


are you sure dud? that’s the lowest curve i’ve seen in my life(barring concede-rift argeon). if there is but one deck that was made to benefit from vellumscry, it’s this.


Consuming Rebirth re-summons at the end of your turn, so no third replace for u :stuck_out_tongue:


blood echoes then?


The same. Also at the end of a turn.


gdi. okay
xor xul, aethermaster dies, third replace


I actually find that pulling fugitive out both before trial is also really good. Copying dfs, aphotic and ritual banishing lets you pull off some crazy combos while progressing trial without wasting mana on vellumscry.

But yeah, you need more 2 drops. Abyssal crawler + Munch is another good option.


@tobiahu, I’d like to ask several questions:

  1. Are variations of infinite sarlac decks the only decks you’re playing?

  2. Are they the most successful ones?

  3. What is the highest rank you were able to reach with them?

  4. Average winrate and how much do you play?

Just wondering.




  1. I only play abyssian and i play many variations of decks, but i find that sarlac synergizes so well with so many abyssian cards that i use him very often. It totally negates negative effects of kill friendly minion cards and make cards like consuming rebirth and blood echoes sarlac multiplying tools.

2.The most succesful deck i played is heal doom deck without a sarlac.

3.I don’t really care about my rank and i only play ladder to do my daily quests, but the highest rank i got from just doing dailies was rank 10.

4.Each time i launch the game to do dailies i delete my old decks and create a new deck so it’s really hard for me to tell you average win rate because i play so many variaties of decks.

You’re welcome.


Oh shoot… That’s a lot of work!


Yeah wow, that’s one way to avoid your deck collection from getting… a bit full. For example I have around 10 dying wish Lilithe decks, and it’s not always fun finding the right list if I want to use an older one :stuck_out_tongue:


This is how i keep having fun from playing diffrent variations from many decks and also learning how diffrent cards synergize with each other :stuck_out_tongue:

Today i had play 8 games quest and i manadged to win 6 out of 8 games so here’s your winrate :smiley:


I have anywhere from 9-11; 2 drops in every deck and find myself with no turn 1 going first or second. This is not even factoring in how many 3’s are in the deck. You have 3 2’s, and 3 3’s… This is not a competitive deck. I can’t wait to que up and get some free wins from you!


I have so many 2 and 3 drops that i have no space on the board to drop them all.


Man, I just wanna drop my appreciation for your creativity here, its always outside the box and I love that.

Also, did you draw your avatar yourself? I like it and legit wanna see more of that



Thanks i enjoy sharing my decks with other ppl and reading what they would change in them. What do you mean by draw my avatar?