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Xor-deathwatch interaction


Normally, when xor is out, and a creature with deathwatch such as priestess or shadow dancer dies, the creature is first summoned elsewhere and then deathwatch procs.

However, when they are killed by sunset paragon, deathwatch doesn’t proc.

I lost a game, where

  1. I had xor summoned,
  2. I was surrounded by minions + shadow dancer
  3. The opponent dropped paragon to clear the shadow dancer and the minions.
  4. Shadow dancer was summoned elsewhere but didn’t heal me
  5. This was just enough for the opponent to go in for a lethal.

Is this supposed to happen, or is it a bug?


If a minion with deathwatch dies then it’s effect isn’t triggered even if xor is active

Because it has essentially died before it could do it’s ability. If it has dying wish the it’s effect occurs as it dies (simultaneously if you will)


What @mmf said. The death of a Deathwatch minion does not proc its own Deathwatch effect.


Is this really what happens @miguelosz/@whyb0t?


Shadowdancer can’t proc her own ability.


I can’t remember how this goes as the builds I’ve played don’t rely on Shadowdancer, but if this is how the interaction goes then it’s definitely a bug (Priestess and Dancer shouldn’t be able to trigger on their own death even when resummoned).


As people have said, a deathwatch minion shouldn’t be able proc its own ability. But no one have mentioned this interaction, that’s why people thought that this was intentional and not a bug. I have ran into people playing shadowdancer+xor, and i have played a bit of it too. Shadowdancer is “supposed to” proc her own deathwatch with xor out. Now with OP’s case I dont know if they have fixed this issue, or this was merely a bug within a bug.


The only case I’ve seen it work is by using blood echoes with Xor, and that is with Shadow Watcher where he gained stats after being resummoned by Xor’s effect. I was messing around in practice during that and not sure if a newly summoned shadow watcher (due to effect of Xor), will benefit from witnessing it’s own demise.


That Shadow Watcher interaction was what came to my mind as well, cool that you tested it. Confirms then that this is an an active bug with Xor.


Sadly at the time I didn’t actually run shadow dancer or any other deathwatch card so I don’t know (yet) about their interaction with blood echoes (funny thing is I actually got the shadow watcher form L’kian) . I was just messing around with Grimes and Xor. On a side note, I also realize the stupidity of rush card in combination with Xor thanks to Obelysk being summoned.


Guys, I think you’re misunderstanding something.

The shadowdancer that dies doesn’t trigger deathwatch; the newly summoned shadowdancer triggers deathwatch.

Take for example Maehv’s BBS on shaman. First, husk is summoned, and then shaman dies.

Likewise, when

  1. old shadowdancer dies when xor is out,
  2. a new shadowdancer is summoned first and then
  3. old shadowdancer dies.
  4. The dying shadowdancer triggers the new shadowdancer’s deathwish.

I know for sure this works, because when xor and shadowdancer are both out, opponents often try dispelling shadowdancer, which I counter with a sacrifice spell. Deathwatch definitely gets triggered.

The sunset paragon-shadowdancer-xor interaction seems similar to the sentinel-lavaslasher weirdness.


I know, I understand what you meant. My experience points out that deathwatch works when stuffs die at the same time (in my case by blood echoes) and said deathwatch minion respawned elsewhere to trigger the effect , but I don’t know if the interaction works the same by other effects, in your case it’s sunset paragon. Other possibilities are strong AOE, and Frenzy. I can’t try it out either (other than Sunset paragon) since practice bots doesn’t use the stronger AOE cards or Frenzy.


The point that we’re trying to make is that Deathwatch shouldn’t be triggering in the first place.

If a xor’d shadowdancer is killed then the resummon should occur after the death meaning that the new shadowdancer (SD) wouldn’t be able to react to the death as it would’ve occured before SD was resummoned. The only way you’d be able to proc a deathwatch in that case would be if you had a second (undispelled) SD on board or if it’s a bug (which is what we’ve been saying).


how is this thread still alive.
@unktrial1 naaaah, assuming that xor works like dying wish(resummon) like auroraboros, ur playout wont roll. dying wish triggers after death so it wont summon the new SD before old SD dies, it would summon AFTER. so pretty sure everyone else is on the same page.

that said, i still cant believe we dont have an effect-resolution chart so we wont have to make these threads ever again.


We are talking about xor…so…lol


Yor, the Salted One

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