Xaan deck for a broken meta


So I decided to start playing Songhai as a fun idea other to my vanar laddering, I’ve posted a xaan deck a couple of weeks ago, the old deck was actually fun and won a fair share of games.

Seeing how well the old one went I came up with a new one.
I would really like to hear what you think according to the new meta treats.


I’ve also been playing Xaleos in the brand new meta and it’s doing surprisingly well for me.
I play a more spell heavy version with high-curve minions, but I wager zoo style decks like yours might turn out even better. Just one question: is Obscuring Blow any good? I don’t really know what to think of the card…

PS: This thread makes me wish someone would revive the Onyx Jaguar Compendium…


You do it! Post your decklist and revive the Compendium. I liked reading that one, but as an avid not Songhai player I couldn’t contribute at all.


Obscuring Blow has, imo, made backstab decks relatively great again. It juices a lot of value out of Sojourner, general attacks, and Hamon, plus when you combo it with situationally-relevant mobility spells it doesn’t push units out of Inner Focus range. I guess it can also save you a card if you want to all-in and use a Killing Edge right after, but I don’t think I’ve done that yet.

My current Kaleos deck also runs Beastmaster for counterattack-free frenzy memes.

EDIT: Here’s my list, just for the sake of chucking it in:

“soft cards” include Ethereal Blades and Heaven’s Eclipse. I might rather have a third copy of Sojo, KE, Spelljammer, and/or Hamon.


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