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Wu'Jin The Trickster (Boss Battle Feedback Thread)

I think so too but there were people thinking it wasn’t random, so I gave my opinion on that.

Welp, this happened. Sorry, Mr Boss. At least I gave you the courtesy of killing you with my own hands!
This boss is fun and doesn’t seem unfair like some previous. Liked it!

the game sucks when you give bosses things like infinite movement and free 5/6 minions. Cassyva and Vaath aren’t the only two generals. maybe somebody actually wants to play a deck that utilizes movement lol but who give a flying f*ck. Top deck or die.


have you tried battle panddo and deathstrike seal? combined with onyx jaguar should make it easier for you to take down the boss without too much of a headache. :slight_smile:

Had to bake a new Dying Wish deck with only 3+ mana minions for this one… Here’s a tip if anyone wants: utilize 5 atk minions (Yun, Dioltas, Grincher etc.) as the enemy is sure to run those 1/5s into them. T1 Yun played into the reach of Beastmaster followed with a T2 Dioltas essentially won me the game, the rest was just going to corner, beefy minions + stalling.

I played my regular old (hasn’t changed for a couple of expansions) argeon lyonar deck. Things went downhill quick, until my one-off grove lion showed up. The AI didn’t prioritize it so it stopped hitting me and went for my beefpile minions instead. Eventually I just wore him down. Fun boss!

I am glad that no cheese was needed for this one.

Probably the scummiest boss I’ve had to face, in my opinion. It’s not too much of a pleasure to face against, seeing as very little else seems to work but turtling at a snails pace. Makes a loss all the more painful, because of the time you spent dealing with the damned taunts.

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