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Wu'Jin The Trickster (Boss Battle Feedback Thread)

Wu’Jin has traveled far to show you the true meaning of fear! And is now available to fight in Duelyst.

What are your thoughts on this week’s boss?


is it supposed to teleport to the bottom left corner without fail every single turn? cause the text says random.


Nope, teleported to different corners for me.

(Though he did have lethal on me, and instead suicided a minion into a Spec-Rev on 4 health)


Sounds about right.

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Come on fu**in monkey, now you die, enough with the running ! :smiling_imp:

Was fun with my Cascamar :slight_smile:


hey guys, i found this boss to be a bit more difficult than solfist, i found i managed to do much better overall stalling to late game. What i recommend based off my experience is using battle panddo with deathstrike seal and onyx jaguar to benefit most from those 1/5 minions. i basically used high-damage minions to take care of him without too much of an issue, swarm seemed like a bad idea with shadow dancer because of the 1/5’s he would spawn everytime a wraithling died. I recommend songhai, lyonar, magmar, or abyssian against this week’s matchup. Here is a video of me going up against the boss without too much of a struggle, basically using the corner to my advantage, i’ll post it below in case anyone finds it useful. Thanks for your time and I hope to hear more discussion on the forum of different strategies on how to take this boss down. <3

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it turns out that this boss is weak to 5 consecutive makantors :slight_smile:


Fun deck to try: stand in the corner and curve Ragebinders into Owlbeast+BBS into Fractal Replicate. Lizard Wizard ftw



Whose bright idea was it to give the decoy provoke? Honestly. Pissed off and tired of that fight, which is a shame.

The general teleporting and game play concept overall, super interesting, super fun, great idea. What ISN’T fun is adding in a decoy provoke minion to force you to move at a snail’s pace. The amount of advantages he had was another grievance. General stats, decoys, decoys, decoys, trinity oath, the “random” corners (if it’s weighted, just remove “random” from the text, cuz it sure isn’t that random). If the general went from corner to corner every fight, or side to side, just other ideas. The teleporting general was cool and potentially fun; to bad it was ruined.

The decoys single-handedly bring an overall potentially fun fight to a pain in the ass fight.

To the one who came up with the bright idea of a PROVOKED decoy, making a fight 10x longer than it needs to be:

t( ’ ’ t) “Thanks”


Considering he flees like a coward, yea, this is pretty accurate


He wasn’t to hard for Sajj considering he likes surrounding you and Sajj can just use Zephyr to borrow the power of makantor or Zephyr and Falcius to surpass Serpentii himself.

One cannot surpass serpenti

keeper is the exception :wink:

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Honestly the provokes made this fight hard, not the actual boss. This was the second boss I actually had trouble with, (The first was boreal juggernaut).

I liked the onyx jaguar and wind runner, but didn’t like how it made the decoys death machines with provoke.

I beat him with my very own creep deck I use for laddering, and used some Creep Juggernauts to distract him while I built up my creeps and then eventually got variax to win the game.

Another thing, he had decent AI. He prioritized taking out my abyssal crawlers and kelainos instead of just hitting me.



He got cyclone mask and twin fang one of the times. Not fun. (The time I won he got a ghost azalea…)

Pretty decent boss though!

Also my orb gave me a zookong, how fitting.


Vaath just wrecks him, just stay controlish and put some rebirth minions: the ai still has problems with those.

And then wait, wait to have 10 atk and drogon, wait near a corner for him to spawn and you just did 22 damage to the running monkey.

Magmar, golems, corner yourself with beefy minions and laugh at him when you have a higher minon output each turn as he does, thanks to your juggernaut and silithar elder ( which you got with a cascading) muhahaha

Liked the concept, quite hard imo.

Teleport seemed totally random to me.

It is random, but random corner as stated on description :slight_smile:

ai seemed pretty decent on this one. he prioritized removing things like bloodmoon priestess and didn’t attack wraithlings that were just going to respawn because of the priestess.