Wrathling Support


General: Lilith Blightchaser
X3 Dreamgazer
X2 Aethermaster
X3 Gor
X2 Soulshtter Pact
X2 Spectral Blade
X2 Hydrax
X3 Lady Locke
X3 MirkBlood Devourer
X2 Ritual Banishing
X2 Shadow Watcher
X3 Soul Grimwar
X3 Wrathling Swarm
X3 Black Locust
X2 Bloodmoon Priestess
X2 Nether Summoning
X2 Rawr

I kinda Winged the list
The best features of the deck revolve around the
Locke // Mirkblood comboI added Gor and with
it the pet engine in place of a life gain aspect.