Would like some help with my Ranged/Mech deck, please


This is my best deck so far, but I can’t get past rank 17 with it. What am I missing here?


I am tempted to just say it’s good because you seem that have understood some of deckbuilding’s principles but…

It’s not. Saberspine Seals are not bad iMO. But Phoenix Fire just does the job better.
Take the Rogue and Cyclone Mask out. Put Repulsors instead. Take the Heartseekers out too, replace them with Four Winds Magi. I’d also replace the Deathstrike Seals by Killing Edge.

Those are your biggest issues iMO.


You need some beef like a couple provoke and maybe Red Synja. And possibly Prophet of the White Palm to keep you shiz SAFE homeBWAI!!!


Alter Rexx is usually pointless, getting mechazor out is a win up until around gold where people understand how to deal with it. If you want to keep that slot for mechs, I’d put in Zor, otherwise I’d say something like Primus Shieldmaster so you have a buffer between yourself and dying if your ranged minions aren’t sticking.



Jax Truesight is something worth expirimenting, maybe adding in 1 or 2. Also, I think I would bump Arrow Whistler up to 3x, because having 4 HP makes them very survivable to removal and buffing heartseekers and any other ranged is good. Killing Edge is also very good on ranged units.


Well if you want to keep the ranged theme you should probably cut down on the bad ranged units. That pretty much leaves cannons of mechazor, ki beholder, and heartseeker. There are also strong basic faction cards like killing edge and phoenix fire you want a full set of.

Mechazor decks win by getting him down asap and generating a huge tempo swing. A 3/3 frenzy and 1/4 air drop may seem weak for 5 mana until the huge 8/8 comes in for free. Since thats your main win condition alter rexx and other low impact expensive cards will have to go. Assuming you can afford it something like this would probably be ideal http://bagoum.com/db/GJ.


This is good advice, listen to it OP. The only thing I’d say is that you probably don’t need 3x Jux and 3x MDS. Three juxta is already a lot for non backstab decks, I’d probably just run 2x MDS, 2x jux, and add in 2x Onyx Bear Seal or keep the 2x Deathstrike Seal.


How do you have 2 Alter Rexxes? Have you ever managed to play them? Get rid of them, put in two of the 1drop mechs. Drop some of your non-mech units and include some card draw.

I got to diamond this season with a janky Mech Faie deck. I only have 13 mechs, and used Blaze Hounds/Cryo for draw.


Combination of these two decks is pretty bad because both of these individual decks are fully built around their idea and there is little to no room for adding extra things in them or in this case combining them. By doing so, you’re making the whole thing worse rather than getting the best out of both worlds like you thought.

Decide do you want to run mechs or ranged reva, because you can’t run both at the same time and expect success.


If you’re playing Mechaz0r, run all 15 Mechs. You’re missing Helm of Mechaz0r. Dropping Rogue Warden and Alter Rexx gives you 3 slots for Helm which will increase the consistency of your deck. If you really want to run Alter Rexx, find something else to drop.


I don’t usualy help out Reva Players as I am still salty about spellhai even after the nerfs. But since your not building spellhai I suppose I will help out.


If you really want to run Warden this is the best I can come up with, most of those neutral ranged minions are really holding you back. This gives you a couple cycles and lots of cheap minion spam which lets Ancesteral fill you up so you don’t run out of steam. Jux is more for backstab, but 3x mist is crazy good with ranged, the frenzy mech, or a dispelled mechazor.



If your willing to drop warden and just focus on Reva/Mech style this is a really good bet, again lots of cheap minion spam with Ancesteral to fill you up combined with cycles lets you play very aggressively.

Both decks are pretty cheap. The only thing missing from these is dispel or onyx bear seal to deal with problem targets, but they should be agressive enough to do with out. If you find otherwise phoenix fire is a flex slot, it lets you control or go face, but if you want to focus on control Onyx is a better bet. For these lower curve aggressive decks that are using Ancesteral, Zor will serve you better then Chassis. If you up your curve and play more control Chassis is the better pick, but you don’t usualy want to run both. All the other mechs are pretty mandatory. Also Rex is just pretty bad all around, he is pretty safe to disenchant if you don’t have the spirit to build either of these.


Thanks guys, I’ve been trying some of these. Most of my losses have because of my own mistakes. I’m still relatively new to this game, and there’s a very deep strategy I haven’t quite grasped yet. I’m trying to figure it out on my own, though.

By the way, I really like how this forum is setup. This is the first board I’ve been on like this.


Hey are you still interested in ranged/mech type deck?


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