Would being able to purchase spirit make Duelyst a pay-to-win?


So after much deliberation, purely internal ofc, I decided that I can’t decide whether or not spirit purchasing or at the very least the choice between a higher rarity chance orb versus the usual orb would lead the game into the much hated PTW route. In my opinion I imagine that CP could create orbs that would have a higher rarity chance than standard orbs (standard orbs having 1.0something% to get a legendary new orbs would have 2.0something% or something along those lines), but said orbs would have a higher gold and monetary value (200-300 gold range with monetary value decided by CP itself). I know that getting spirit for free or at the very least relatively easily would potentially break the game, but I wanted to know if getting the chance to get something greater would be better or if it’s just as bad. Please leave your opinions down below.

This was influenced by both the new orbs that bloodborn presented and my frustration at not being able to craft cards needed for my battle pet deck without sacrificing a large portion of other cards. Gotta keep dat prismatic Whistling Blade :yum:


Since you can purchase orbs, and orbs contain cards that can be disenchanted into spirit, you can already purchase spirit. There’s variability due to the RNG of the cards, but this can be evened out through volume.

Personally, I hate the RNG aspect of card packs more than anything else in games like this, and that’s one reason I was happy to support the recent expansion with its more civilized (and reasonable) flat rate purchase plan. But they probably can’t do that for all expansions because they likely make more money from people playing the “legendary lottery” than flat rate purchases. I hope I’m wrong, though!

ETA: “Pay to win” depends on perspective. I can drop $1000 right now and have every card in the game. But that won’t make me a top player. I’ve played games where it would.


Okay so what about making new orbs designed with a higher chance of legendary or higher rarity drops than usual orbs? I’d be okay with it being a thing, but am worried that the inclusion of such higher rarity/value orbs would be detrimental towards the game

EDIT: Just for clarification I’m not saying that we should get orbs that are exactly the same as bloodborn where you’re guarenteed 3x whatever card, just something where higher orb cost=better rewards


I agree, the new expansion got it right, it actually has some appeal in both aspects. For people that don’t buy the expansion outright, they still have to hope they get good RNG to get the cards they want, so it’s still exciting to open packs even if it’s a little more predictable :wink:


There’s no real point to this, because only one orb type would ever be purchased, depending on the relative costs.

Let’s say they make the orbs have on average 10% more spirit. Then the choices are:

  1. Charge 10% more for them. Nothing changes, no point bothering.
  2. Charge less than 10% more for them. This is all anyone would buy.
  3. Charge more than 10% more for them. The old ones are all that anyone would buy.

Basically this boils down to asking for more spirit per orb. Which is fine, but there’s no need to clutter things with another orb type.


Perhaps If it was a bulk deal though, maybe if you bought 10 orbs at once, or some equvilant. You got 3-5 free legendaries. Although this would be better value, many people probably don’t had the restraint to save up for 1000 gold. Other games do similar things, buy more and get more relative to the “basic” pack


Well there are already limited bonus packs of that type. Also, when you buy orbs for cash, they cost less per orb in bulk. Basically we have all this already. :slight_smile:

What do we not have? Something like RotB for regular orbs. If they made an option where you could buy every card in the core set for something like, say $300, there are people who would buy that who would never spend $300 on orbs. But this gets into tricky economics and none of us has the relevant data to decide how much impact that would have on the bottom line.


I agree, you very much are right, I forgot about buying things with real money :sweat_smile:

The 300$ thing is interesting though, I think putting a price on the whole set is a little risky, the community would probably throw a fit :confused:


As long as it’s not something like “Buy 20k spirits, for only $20”


why not, I can surely use some spirits earned with dirty cash!

For a game that has been running over a year there’re already a lot of S rank players who got the full set and plenty of gold to buy them whole expansions. The fairness of the game is not anymore about ‘pay to win’ but how can new comers play catch up.


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