Would anyone like to join me in playing a new format?


Each general moves to an opposing corner. the generals don’t move, I’m not sure if they’d be allowed to attack. then It becomes like a tower defense game. You unleash your minions, and rush you opponent. I’d be open to suggestions to rules and card ban lists.

EDIT: Thanks for all the interest and input. posted her late last night before i went to bed and ive been at work all day today. Sorry for not getting back to all of you, having a job and getting sleep is all over rated. Im going to try to set up a few games tonight with one or two of you who have responded, to test the format out, and work on tweaking it further.

Update 11/09: I’ve been busy the last week working on real life achievements; making a fancy headboard for me and my wife, also I went for a sweet-ass hike. I work a lot and balance a family like so i really only manage to squeeze in an hour or so of game play a day. While at work i came up with the idea of creating a Discord channel for this format to discuss Rules, general shit talk, and what not. Thus far the best idea I alone could come up with for the channel and the format name is “Corner to Corner Calamity”… I’m open to naming suggestions as well. Please check out the Discord channel, and the pinned rules so far. Channel link–> https://discord.gg/hAcYrPA
P.S. I have no idea what im doing. :grin:


I like this idea. IGN: LovelyLioness


Seems interesting. Things I would ban would be Flyers and maybe ranged value minions (i.e. White Widow, 4WM, Kelaino, etc.)


ban certain artifacts since bloodrage mask would be OP.

and there would have to be a rule against placing shadow creep on the enemy generals tile. not sure if ooz should be banned for that or not.

maybe ban mechazor?
im not sure if airdrop would add to the experience or make it terrible.

it seems like vet and abyss would do best in this format with the ease of setting up a board and all the rules killing songhai.

we might even see a resurgence of blast and swarm


I would definitely be interested in this, would be fun to build new decks based on this!!! my IGN is my name add me


Yeah interesting! :slight_smile:


Songhai in general would have to be banned


Sounds like fun, although there would be some problems. Firstly, spells. If the idea is to slowly move toward them, then pumping out ranged burst might be a problem. I’m not sure, but the format seems slow enough to make double or even triple spiral technique face work. Another similar problem is Faie. She is able to deal consistent direct damage, meaning you will have to rush her, something that seems difficult in this format. In addition, it is impossible to play around infiltrate, as your general is always on its starting side. Also, ranged, airdrop, flying and blast might all be problems, as well as minions that deal damage at range (Decius, etc…) would be a problem (although they could be allowed if they act like any other minion: eg, airdrop minion is placed next to your general). While I could be very wrong, I see this format having either a very strict Meta that is significantly above everything else, or a ban lost that removes large chunks of the game.


We cant not invite Kaleos. Prophet of the white palm might actually become apart of this meta just for that reason.


Interesting! :smiley: Hit me up!


Great analysis. These are certainly things to consider for sure. I didn’t consider Faie’s BBS… Lightning blitz and spirit of the wild would be problematic as well. But then again playing a Prophet of the white palm might hinder the odds of seeing these and other spells used effectively.
Is there a way in this thread to attach something like a sticky to post rules?


Can you edit the first post? If not, i don’t know. Prophet of the white palm would help, but doesn’t protect against the 2 aforementioned spells. The bans could be Vanar and Songhai, as well as other things earlier stated (like ranged minions and ranged damaging minions).


I’d love to play, username is Gabriek. Would cards like blood moon priestess or shadow dancer be banned? What about ritual banishing?


Watch out for Ironcliff guardian, Reva, and Planar scout as well. Getting an early airdrop and spamming the enemy general early is extremely deadly.

Ironcliff just seems like a monstrous card in this format.


seems cool, feel free to add me in game. it’s deekester


Cool idea. :slight_smile:

I did something similar on my stream on Monday where I challenged players with fights using special rules. I am thinking of making this a regular feature every Friday.

Love to hear how this turns out.


Anyone still interested in this idea?


IM STILL DOWN, still dont get how it will work tho lol


I added you but i never see you on.


This is why we need in-game chatrooms where people could join and see if anyone else is looking for the game.