Word-to-Card Contest Winners (October 2018)


Congratulations to the winners of the first monthly Word-to-Card Contest! You will receive your orbs shortly, and will also be jury members for the next contest (which starts tomorrow).

1ST PLACE – @ryousen

2ND PLACE – @beelakor

3RD PLACE – @zanestheargent


If these cards were in the game, what kinds of decks would you put them in?


There is no speaking of how much Ilenations i’d be tossing about with Ritual of Salt.


I’d like some confirmation from the winners that they actually received the rewards.


You, sir, are paranoid.

…and perhaps rightfully so.

@ryousen, @beelakor, @zanestheargent. Tell this man the truth.


This is one of the few situations i can attest anjo aint pulling our legs. I just woke up, but i’ll later copypaste here a print of the used ticket
and here it is.


There is a difference between a fantasizer and a liar- Anjo is not the latter
…Though I guess you’re talking about staff giving keys, yeah, it happened


I got my rewards… What is it with these guys… yaviey has promised and fulfilled.


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