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Word-to-Card Contest Winners (November 2018)


Congratulations, winners of the second Word-to-Card contest! I have already sent you your codes, and you get to be the judges of the new December contest!

1ST PLACE – @victorious23

Sandshield Volatilization
9 Mana
Legendary Vetruvian Spell
Your General is Immune . Lose the game when you have no creatures. At the start of each turn, destroy a random friendly minion and gain Attack equal to it’s cost.

2ND PLACE – @alplod

3RD PLACE – @bostwick

Which of these cards do you want in the next expansion (for now ignoring that there will be no next expansion)?

  • Sandshield Volatilization
  • Ritual of Blood
  • Inxikrah Caress

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They’re good cards, Anjo


You mean the Abyssian ones? I never want any new Abyssian content, though. :wink:


psst, its a meme


Thank you for enlightening me.


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