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Word-to-Card Contest (October 2019)

Today marks a momentous occasion. Not only are we casting the useless September into the garbage bin (sorry, recycling bin) of the past and moving on to the far superior October (Winter is Coming™, folks!), but we are also beginning the thirteenth monthly Word-to-Card Contest! Do you know what this means? Can you comprehend the ramifications?


Thank you, @everyone, for sticking with me this long, and a special thanks to @juveyd for providing me with the orb codes to keep this contest going (and to @boronian for the first couple months of codes). I’ve had fun running (and joining in) this contest, and even if the contestants slowly dwindle away and the last bastion of rewarded card design on the Forums goes to rot, I am glad that we made it this far.

Now, you know the drill! Choose a word and use it to design the card to end all cards:

  • TREMOR (chosen by duzt)

:crossed_swords: BONUS CHALLENGE :crossed_swords:

TRIAL: Add humor into your card design.

DESTINY: If your card is tied with other designs when the voting stage ends, your card gets an extra entry into the discobot tiebreaker.

  • Design a card that relates to the word of the month that you choose in any way
  • You may only submit one card
  • Submit your card in one of the two acceptable formats
  • If using the visual format and you choose art from a different faction than what you want your card to be, make sure to specify your card’s faction
  • Don’t copy cards other people have posted or cards from other card games
  • When voting for a card, do not choose your own design

Submission Format

Make a card on this website and upload it here (recommended), or (if you are planning on changing your card often before the deadline) use this format:

Name (Cost)
Faction Type [Attack/Health] (Rarity)


Praise the Sun! (5)
Lyonar Spell (Legendary)
If this is the third time you praised the sun this game, restore your General to full health.

OR (this way looks way better)


1st place: 5 Core Orbs, get to decide one of next month’s words

2nd place: 4 Core Orbs

3rd place: 3 Core Orbs

Important Dates

October 15 – Submissions close, community voting begins

October 22 – Community voting ends, winners are honored and sent their prizes

GLHF! :sweat:


Please inform me if this card has been submitted before, I haven’t read through all of the contests.

Irrelevant anecdote

Did anyone else know that bagoum saves cards with the specific font that you use for default in your browser? I didn’t and my first attempt on my laptop did this:


You want to go back to the early beta times? :smiley:


Why on Earth-Sea is that your browser font?! Are you mad?


@boronian yes.
I don’t remember when they went back to draw 1 but 2 draw was fun, never had you go into topdeck mode like you see today. Looking at the actual advantages of this as a nuetral spell, it would do pretty well in an aggro list. Depending on whether the effect stacks, it could also do well in lists that attempt to empty their opponent’s decks and kill them that way.

@anjosustrakr Maybe I am mad but I really like the blackletter style. While it is initially difficult to read, like anything you get used to it. I suppose functionally it would prevent anyone who glances at my screen from reading the text.


Very smart! :joy:

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Zoolander was on this weekend, all I can think about now when I saw one of the words was Derelict. Derelicte is close enough I think.

Neutral Minion


For “Tremor”

Edit: Updated with better stats as suggested by @halcyon98


That’s a super cool card. I’d give it better stats though, as build minions tend to be noticeably overstated. Also, a Mech with Build is something CPG wishes they did first.


Side note I feel like all those abilities should make it legendary :man_shrugging:t5:


You mean former or recent one?

If you activate the card more than once, do you get 3 draw, 4 draw, etc? :thinking:
Says additional but no mention on a limit of 2.




oh hell yeah boy replace support

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Not really? Because it doesn’t actually replace?

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“No replace” support would be a new thing (which this card doesn’t exactly do, but it made me think about it). You’d get bonus foregoing your right to replace.

And the next step would be “No play” support, where you get massive bonus for skipping your turn without doing anything. FUN UND INTERACTIVS.


Well it says additional, so I suppose it would work like Spelljammer and stack each time it is cast by either player.

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Whenever you replace it gains damage, so by right Aethermaster would allow you to stack damage extremely quickly

Then again, on hindsight using Aethermaster + this card in an Arcanyst deck is much better

Technically, this card is an instant win, as you can attempt to replace it as many times as you want in a given turn.