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Word-to-Card Contest (October 2018)



LAST DAY to submit a card! Now is the time!


Submissions are (un)officially closed!

I will be taking @cepter’s 3 votes because he apparently doesn’t exist anymore.


Did he exist at all, or is it some kind of scheme that I cannot grasp?..


is he in real life?
is he just fantasy?
caught in a contest
no escape from dooly forums


Open your eyes
Look to the meta and see
He’s just a poor Doolist, he need no sympathy
Because he’s easy come, easy go (away from the Forums)
Little high (in s-rank), little low (in silver)
Anyway this contest goes, doesn’t really matter to him, to him


@Cepter, I just posted a card
An OP design as hell,
Does it ring to you a bell?
@Cepter! We had just begun
And now we need a judge to judge us well.



Huh, I didn’t know capitals could be used. Sorry for ruining the poem spree.

And @CEPTER cannot save you now. Even if he comes back online, he’ll drown beneath all the notifications we’ve been sending him…

There is only my justice now! (name that quote)


Was it Uther of the Ebon Blade “Hello” quote?


:trophy: :trophy: :trophy:

Well met!


Should the next contest have the visual card requirement (actually a strong suggestion, but whatever)?

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters


No since there is a rather limited pool of cards to grab pictures from. What if next time you choose the word balls. There are only like a few minions which have something round and ball like in the picture.


I propose that the winner chooses the next word. What do you think?


“Keeper of the Balls” :laughing: etc. etc.

Sorry, do please carry on.



15 chars



Have you tried the :heart: button?


Didn’t get this one.


I’m sick of writing “15 chars”. :wink:



So don’t


That’s why I didn’t.