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Is that lore taken from For Honor’s Peacekeeper?


Nyope, 100% authentic self-written. glad you thought it was from a AAA game though


Am I a winner yet?


Because of how damage is trackrd would you die if you took 26 points of damage and then someone played EMP


It is just REAL similar to it


I’m a little confused… The artifact doesn’t do anything except act prevent nearby enemy units from attacking you… so they can’t deal damage. It’s the same thing as sinister silhouette’s ability. But on your general. With provoke.


I see what you mean. I just looked it up. It wasn’t intentional though. I’ve never played for honor before.


Yeah I read that as +3 health I was still half awake


Where can i found the image 80x80 to use for the card???




this card relates to pacifist because of the peacekeeper and there will be no damage at all from the battlefield.

back in the day, the world is in total state of chaos there are no country borders, all creatures are fighting each other nonstop and there are bloodshed everywhere you go
until an almighty creature dropped out of nowhere and prevented all the fights and then created the countries’ borders and separated each creatures in different factions, the almighty creature have been dubbed as the PEACEKEEPER, and this event the first appearance of the peacekeeper as the “ETERNAL PEACE” maybe i went too far on the lore and created also the lore of the peacekeeper


you can select where to summon the peacekeeper

effects like transform or destroy minion like Dark Transformation will still work


changed the effect "summon a peacekeeper and your general becomes invulnerable " to ummon a PEACEKEEPER
prevent all damage until your next turn "


Wouldn’t the minions already can’t move since you are provoking them with your general?


“We give our lives in order to protect those who are just. With fervour, we will defend until our last dying breath. And even then we will remain steadfast and upright, supported by our Zeal. For We Are The Shield That Protects Lyon’s Light From The Encroaching Darkness. For We Are Lyon’s Sentinels”
-The Creed Of Lyon’s Sentinels


The core concept of this minion was suppose to be a minion that contributed to the war effort without raising a sword, bow, gun, tentacle, etc. to harm those that fight back. As seen in its statline, in a vaccum, there is no possible way for the minion to defend itself. However, it contributes to the war effort by providing healing to your general everytime it takes damage. I believe the concept is pretty self explanatory.

Balance/Changes (Mainly in Lore)

However, it got real tricky when deciding on a name and supposed “lore” for this minion. The first iteration of a name was “Penitent Martyr” but I scrapped that name since I thought it didn’t make any sense. Why would a person who seeks penance enter a war and get themselves killed in order to make up for some crime or regret, the punishment would have been too great.

The Second Iteration was “Unwilling Conscript”. This too was scrapped since it wouldn’t make sense for a conscript not to fight/be a pacifist unless it was in his background. Furthermore, it wouldn’t make sense for the general to receive healing from someone who was unwilling.

The Third and final iteration is the current name “Lyon’s Sentinel”. I could imagine a personal guard to the the king/general that would devote his life to defending him. The Sentinel could have swore an oath to non violence as part of their belief to truely devote one’s body to defending the general. There are still many plotholes that need filling in the lore but that can be done later.

And that was the explanation and thinking behind the concept of this minion.

As I read the previous submissions, I wonder why people go over the top on their custom cards to the point that if they were introduced into the game, Duelyst would be broken beyond repair. It’s okay to introduce an underpower card.


I always wanted a magmar general rebirth spell/minion yet didn’t know how to prevent the egg from being dispelled. This solves all the my custom problems for a rebirth spell.


Just give it a tag of General instead of structure or General/Structure.


Lets make that beautiful.


I wanted to create a card that would mutually benefit both players, so I decided on a healing stronghold. It fits the theme of “Pacifism” because it summons Battlepets that heal your opponent, rather than fight them. Obviously.

As stated above, this minion helps out your opponent, and by doing so fits this month’s theme.

Edit 1: Neither the Restoring Redoubt nor Guardian Angels can be targeted by Guardian Angels. If they could, both cards would be completely useless.

Edit 2: Restoring Redoubt summons the Guardian Angels nearby itself.

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@cepter, are you there?


This is a For Honor rip-off…

I like it.



A new card for Zukong sinergy and creating chaos! XD