Word-to-Card Contest (October 2018)



What a Unique design!!!


New meta, who dis?!


Lone Wolf
Lyonar minion
5 mana (7/5)

Zeal: This minion cannot attack or counterattack.

A pacifist if summoned or ever alongside your General, this trades anti-synergy of a kind for increased stats.
It oft requires another minion as a buffer to summon for full value or a movement from your general, lest the pacifist get the snot beaten out of him at first chance. :smirk:
Could perhaps do with a bit of increased stats, but you get the general idea.


I love that so much!


Neutral minion and token artifact.

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I will not create another card design thread. We already have one too many. Use this one:


Vanar Spell.

Vanar Minion. Token.

Also Vanar minion. Token.

The idea is to create a minion that 100% can’t be used offensively as a standalone and needs an opponent to act first to cause a chain of retaliation. I thought this kind of effect on a spell is always good in Vanar since you want a controlled, drawn out game with lots of tokens. It also functions as a mobile Wall if you need one.
Biggest problem with it being a spell is that it can be stolen. Biggest upside is that it really is able to tell a story… sometimes you just want to cry out for a mother.

I think the whole setup created for 5 mana is pretty fair since it can easily be countered by any removal that is directly able to target the Mother herself. Minions that try to kill her need a lot of luck on the RNG side if she doesn’t go down on the first hit. Most factions have removal that deals with her at least mana efficiently. She doesn’t like Plasma Storm or Aperion’s Claim. Still, she can’t be ignored and might take over one side of the board.

In terms of synergy the spell goes well with Faie (as a way to waste time), Ilena (because of the stuns) and Oak in the Nemeton because of Tokens. Kara can give her an attack value, but I think that isn’t really needed or wanted since her health matters a lot, especially against factions like Songhai which might have a hard time dealing with her without using DSS+ Range or OBS.


Songhai spell
the minions learn of pacifism and refuse to enter the battlefield. as more succeed in doing so, more speak out. In the lore, chakri avatars are painted as serene and relatively pacifistic. unwilling to fight even a tyrant like draug.


Lyonar Artifact
Can be used in a tough situation while playing a titan Lyonar deck.
I don’t know much about the lore of Duelyst but a sheild of faith could have been used in some war idk
This is my first custom card, tell me what I can do to make it better, thanks!


Doom support?!


anti-doom support you mean


If it works like Eternal Heart then it’s anti doom support


A statue (structure) in honor to peace ? check!
A document to prove you have signed the pact ? check!
Consequences if you break the peace pact ? check!

Explanation: first of all, im really sorry for the big text, reall.

*Direct damage reads: spells that deals damage directly like: faye bbs, magmar tectonic spikes , songhai phoenix fire, vet bone swarm, abyssian obliterate (YES, obliterates deals direct damage to everything!) and so on. Any damage caused by minions are not included, lyonar holy immolation does not work, tempest does.

Direct spells can damage because they are cast by generals, so it’s the same as being attacked by the enemy general, only generals are included in the pact, so they are the only ones who can break it, be it with it owns hands, or by spells that directly affects the enemy general.
Counterattacks can damage because, again, the general is the only one who can break the pact, if it chooses to attack, then it is given the enemy the permission to retaliate.

The idea is to avoid being killed without heavy consequences, this card will save you from those guys who send tons of minions for you and hug the wall. It will save you if both you and the enemy general are almost dead, but you need that one more turn to turn the battle in your favour. A good choice for slower decks against that hard damage meta.

IMPORTANT: i’m very undecided about the numbers, i mean the cost, so forgive me if it is a little bit op or underpowered if that’s because the cost could be one mana up or down.

IMPORTANT 2: if for any reason the “INTENSIFY” would not work, then i would just chage to “take 4 damage whenever you damage the enemy general”. instead


Thats an artifact with intensify though. Im not sure if thats going to work. who knows


Nah. you use maehv’s bbs, ritual banishing, aphotic drain some of the roots, i’m sure you’ll make it until the Doom turn


I’m suddenly curious. How does Doom work on Eternal Heart?


I think nothing happens after doom ends, but I am in no position to test any of those


According to the wiki it will leave you on 1hp.


Peacekeeper’s Glory

Lyonar artifact

6 mana

Give your general +3 attack and provoke. Enemy minions nearby your general cannot move or attack.


The Simple idea behind this artifact is that it freezes up the game instantly. It has great synergy with zeal, and the moment this comes out, you get enough time to build up a board quickly. I think its a nice idea anyway, maybe the sort of thing zeal needed. Good, but now OP.


The peacekeepers of Lyonar are the ones who quell rebellions and kill infidels. Singlehandedly. The name of the peacekeepers spreads fear amongst those who choose not to obey the kingdom. And this is their banner. They are Lyonar’s pride and glory. But for those who choose to defy them, this banner is likely their last sight.

Yes you read correct, the peacekeepers suddenly drop out of the sky onto whoever it is, and glitch the game out, giving you an instant victory. so OP.