Word-to-Card Contest (October 2018)


Any proof of that?


I don’t think anjo is that cruel…


Explanation: This card relates to the word of the month “pacifist” because it completly dispels and then stuns the entire field allowing for no minion action for a while. Plus the forcefield and provokes represent pacifism because they have no offensive value but do a good job at protecting you.This card isn’t overpowered because while you do get forcefield and a bunch of provokes, the spell is still 9 mana and dispels and stuns your units (including yourself). It’s not underpowered either because this can definetly turn around a game that’s not going in your favor. I think it deserves the legendary ranking because it’s really useful and it’s not a card most people will run three of.


Vet lacks healing. And Vet likes artifacts. Sajj is the crowned general for those usually, but Im thinking this more of a tool for Cyphiron, the survive and control guy- besides, its directly opposite of Sajj’s BBS.

Are all my designs artifact related? Ive even thought of a faction concept starting through artifacts.


Ret… Having a strange sense of humor, you mean?


Spire of Peace
3 Mana 0/5 Neutral Structure
All minions and generals cannot be attacked


I’ll follow @halcyon98 and also drop an Idea

Seraph Lapis
9pp 9/9
Neutral Mythron
This cards cost cannot be reduced
Trial: During the whole game, you cannot attack enemies, deal damage to or destroy ANY minions or generals with spells or effects.
Destiny: Win the game.

As much as this would sound OP and broken, you let your opponent build up board for 6-7 turns (mana tiles excluded). The only way to prevent losing is run giant provokes/relocation/Healing. Also yes, it clauses against Flash and DFS.


“Gain 2 HP” as opposed to heal? Ie if at 25 hps you will end turn with 27?


And here I thought I didnt screw up the wording this time…



Messenger of Peace:Legendary Neutral Spell. The Cost of this card can not be Reduced.

PACIFIST:Because it removes all violent tools and revert all damage done in the past.
Its for All Faction and people avaible.

Meta:I can not speak for everyone but for me its Fair

What gonna happen when you use this card?:
Restore full Health to both Generals also Clear the entire field and prevent any abillity that would trigger during the time you use this card,Place both Player generals back to the starting space and then let them draw cards until they have 5 cards in their hand. Change improved Bloodborn spells back to their Origin.

The player who use this card gonna be in a disadvantage that isn’t peaceful thats why its necessary to Prevent all Damage the Opponent can do during his/her next turn but still make preparations possible

Why does it not Reset already used cards?:Reset already used cards that did commit a Crime are not peaceful or PACIFIST also Because i Personaly think its sad that most games dont need more than 20 cards of their deck to finish.


Ah, such little faith. I wonder why… :wink:

But truly, sir, there is no way I can ever prove to you that I can give away codes, until the end of this month. Even if I showed you a screenshot of yaviey’s message, I could’ve easily faked it. You just have to trust me. :smiling_imp:




Very much as you see


Praise the goddess


My victory will be your salvation!


I was going to say “at least tweak the name a little”.


I would do that if it was a serious submission :wink:


@anjosustrakr could you open a discussion topic of this contest?


We have a general design discussion topic for this.