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Word-to-Card Contest (October 2018)


Welcome, one and all, to the first monthly Word-to-Card Contest! The rules are simple: I give you a word, and you design a card that relates to that word!

This month’s word is: PACIFIST

  • Design a card that relates to the word of the month in any way
  • You may only submit one card
  • It is highly recommended that you submit your card in the correct format
  • Try to choose the most relevant piece of Duelyst art for your card, but don’t worry – that is not judged
  • Don’t make an obviously overpowered or underpowered card
  • Don’t copy cards other people have posted or cards from other card games
  • You can’t make up your own keywords (there is no need for a single card), but you can invent special tiles and tokens
  • Jury members cannot submit cards for the competition or vote for the top 10
  • This thread is ONLY for card submissions; discuss cards on one of the two custom card threads

Submission Format

Make a card on this website and upload it here, then write an explanation under it. At minimum, this explanation should explain how your card relates to the word of the month. You may also add any balance/design thoughts behind the card, and if your card is a different faction than the art you chose, make sure to state that.


Explanation: This card relates to the word of the month “gratitude” because you thank the sun for slanting through the roof of a broken castle and lighting up your world. Although healing your General to full health seems overpowered, you have to play this card thrice in a game with no effect the first two times, and with a total mana cost of 15.


Every month there will be three different jury members who will look through every submitted card and choose three of them to nominate. I will nominate one card as well. These top ten cards will be put into a poll for the community to vote on. Here is how the jury members and I will evaluate cards:

Formality (5 points): Is the wording of the card up to Duelyst standards (the way the majority of cards are written, ignoring aberrations such as “pull some things to this” and “a cub joins the pack”)? Can you clearly understand how the card works?

Flavor (10 points): How well does the card relate to the word of the month? Do the name and rarity seem fitting for the card’s abilities?

Balance (15 points): How fair would the card be in the current meta?

Originality (20 points): How unique are the card’s name and abilities?


A big thanks to @yaviey for granting me my request for codes!

1st place: 5 Core Orbs, place in the jury next month

2nd place: 4 Core Orbs, place in the jury next month

3rd place: 3 Core Orbs, place in the jury next month

This Month’s Jury

Since there was obviously no competition last month, you may be wondering if I will greedily grab all the power and be judge, jury, and executioner for this first competition. You would be right… unless the winners of my [Totally Official] Panddo Card Design Contest decide to step up for democracy’s sake. Here they are:

  1. @halcyon98
  2. @cepter
  3. @alexx55

Important Dates

October 15 – Submissions close (jury members cannot nominate cards posted after the 14th), jury nominations begin

October 22 – Jury nominations end (any jury member who is laggardly will be removed from office at this point and I shall take over his/her nominations), public voting begins

October 31 – Public voting ends, winners are honored

Soon™ After – Prizes are given out to the top three winners

Helpful? Tip

How do you turn a word into a card, you ask? The answer is: by using a cord or a ward. :wink:

Get it?

  • Yes! How clever! [gives self a pat on the back]
  • No… [goes and sulks in a corner]

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Explanation: Pun. Low-effort comedy, low yield results.

Lore: The forbidden practices of the Fist brothers
Are you sure?

They didn’t really like their mother’s lemon pies, which they hid under the kitchen table. A surprisingly innocent story.


I need to see the results, there is no way i got into jury
Edit: ok i got there, but that means i cant join in :disappointed_relieved:


Let us see if you’ll be taken seriously, heh, but anyways:

Explanations: Simple cryonic cocoon/phoenix egg. When the raging beast that is a facemar has to decide to go comatose in order to recover, one can say things got quite pacific.


Hmm, wouldnt this instantly give you a loss since there is no general on the field?more importantly can it be targeted by nat select


By context it still is deemed as a General. You just shove yourself into a cozy sleeping bag.


Deep Hibernation
3 mana - Vanar Spell

Both players automatically end their next two turns.

  • End and beginning of turn events such as drawing cards, Grow, mana crystal gain, DOOM countdown (if you want to go out in style), ect. will still occur.
  • Both players will not be able to cast spells, move, or control their General.
  • Battle pets are still able to act because they are not player controlled(wow so OP CPG please nerf)
  • The effect will go something like:
    Spell cast on P1 Turn 2 (full control) >
    P2 Turn 2 (ends automatically) >
    P1 Turn 3 (ends automatically) >
    P2 Turn 3 (ends automatically) >
    P1 Turn 4 (ends automatically) >
    P2 Turn 4 (full control)


throws tomato


I’m a judge? Lovely bubbly!


Who is @cepter? Never heard of him…

Harbinger of Peace


I found out that I should explain the relation to the word of the month, but isn’t it obvious enough?

Balancewise the card is:
Grow support. Bond support. Doom support. Burn Faie support. EMP support.

@bepoest, your guy is OP! Inner Focus is now SUPER EFFECTIVE!!!11111

Edit. Hey, that design also doubles as antirebuke tech!


Continuing the discussion from Design Democracy: Opaline Ambassador [Card Design]:

I came up with this card concept quite a while ago and I still love it to death. Maybe it’ll fit here? You can read about my design process in the OP of that thread.

Fun idea for a contest, good luck to everyone!

PS: I did edit the card to be less strong so it would be more in line with the current meta.


Sonorous Siren
4 mana Neutral 0/5
Nearby Minions may not attack.


You can join in if you wish to grant me more executive power…


NO, not happening


I guess no one read this:

Or this:

But whatevs. Rules are meant to be broken. :wink:


Not a submission. Just an idea.

Utopian Gardener
8 mana 3/3
Opening Gambit: Turn a nearby space into an Utopia. Friendly minions on an Utopia cannot attack, be attacked, deal damage, take damage, or be targeted by enemy spells.


I mean, this can be easily fixed. It is mostly that you’re the one breaking molds here needlessly in the first place.


Not sure what molds you are referring to, but you’re right. I am a non-conformist. :wink:


This is a real contest now, boiz! Thank @yaviey for the free orbs that will be given to the top three winners (sadly, there is no forum title at this time, though)!


Good to see CM back at work(not meant as insult)

The Purification Crusade