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Word-to-Card Contest (March 2019)


Gate Keeper (4)
Neutral [2/6] (epic)
Any enemy that passes this minion’s column takes one damage.


I guess, it corresponds to “embargo”, but you should specify that.



Made on my phone, too lazy to get a picture (or get the words to fit)

I still have an 2.5 hours before my flight, so why not :expressionless:



So let’s say a Ciphyron fights a Lilithe, and Ciphyron casts this minion. Lilithe’s BBS would turn into give an enemy minion -2 attack, whereas Ciphyron’s BBS would turn into summon 2 wraithlings. Lilithe can get her BBS back by destroying this minion.



Vanar Spell

4 might be a bit cheap, but hard to tell without play testing.


Last day to submit a card!




Pick 1-2, and make sure the ones you pick fit with one of the monthly words!

  • Craven Juggernaut
  • Nullify
  • Ares
  • Embargo
  • Netdecker
  • Mimi Hate
  • Neosynapsorrhea
  • S’ilverkhassastordraugarwra’ith
  • Gate Keeper
  • Reshape Universe
  • Major Switch
  • Trade War
  • Spineless Trickster

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You dare try to close on me? Foolish thread. I will only let you die once you’ve outlived your usefulness.