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Word-to-Card Contest (March 2019)


Welcome to the sixth monthly Word-to-Card Contest! The rules are simple: I give you three words, and you choose one to design a card around.

Choose your word (and make sure to say which you picked in your submission):

  • EMBARGO (chosen by excogitator)
  • MEME

  • Design a card that relates to the word of the month that you choose in any way
  • You may only submit one card
  • Submit your card in one of the two acceptable formats
  • If using the visual format and you choose art from a different faction than what you want your card to be, make sure to specify your card’s faction
  • Don’t make an obviously overpowered or underpowered card
  • Don’t copy cards other people have posted or cards from other card games
  • Don’t make up your own keywords (there is no need for a single card), but inventing special tiles and tokens is fine

Submission Format

Make a card on this website and upload it here (recommended), or (if you are planning on changing your card often before the deadline) use this format:

Name (Cost)
Faction Type [Attack/Health] (Rarity)


Praise the Sun! (5)
Lyonar Spell (Legendary)
If this is the third time you praised the sun this game, restore your General to full health.

OR (this way looks way better)


1st place: 5 Core Orbs, get to decide one of next month’s words

2nd place: 4 Core Orbs

3rd place: 3 Core Orbs

Thanks to @boronian for providing me the codes!

Important Dates

March 15 – Submissions close, community voting begins

March 22 – Community voting ends, winners are honored and sent their prizes

GLHF! :vankiss:




Really? No one?

I had expected that you’d all jump at the chance to make meme cards, or cards of memes…

Though I really can’t complain. If I’m the only one who submits, all twelve orbs are MINE! :smiling_imp:





Note: “the rest” does not include minions on the middle column


Don’t know hownto make a card… But, it would be


Abyssian Spell cost 2
Name of the card: Embargo

The trial cards are under embargo and cannot leave the action bar

Card Image: Rite






so most magmar mirrors end t1?


Thanks to anjosustrakr for helping me to be able to save the card.






I saw the website, but did not know how where to find art to link on the card. I’ll edit it to show the card without a minion on it then.
Actually, it turns out I can’t save the card without a linked image.


Oh, sorry. You have to type a card name in Default Values and hit enter.



Random effects might include:


Draw a card;
Take 1 damage;
Deal 2 damage to the enemy General;
Deal 4 damage to a random minion;
Heal 3 Health to a random target;
Summon a friendly Panddo in a random space;
Summon an enemy Silverguard Squire in a random space;
Summon a third party Serpenti in a random space (third party units acts after P2);
Give a random minion +2/0|+1/+1|0/+2;
Give a random minion -2/0|-1/-1|0/-2;
Put a Riddle in your action bar;
Set both Generals to 25 Health;
Both players plays Koan of Horns;
Put a random Mythron card with its Trial completed in both players’ action bars


That’s awesome. Please make it the legendary it deserves to be.


You are getting very close to treason, sir. Fix that before I call the guards.


Let me guess, someone stole your sweetroll.

(yes I like stale memes)



Note: 6 minions are random.

Inspired by manbearpig




Stop it! I was super duper cereal!


Anyone else want to give these words a shot? You have a week remaining.