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Word-to-Card Contest (January 2019)


This fickle fellow makes no hesitation to change sides. Discoverable: if both Generals have the same amount of Health, nothing happens.


8 days left to submit your ideas!

(I’d like to see some more Ultimatum designs)


Making cards on mobile is jank. Its supposed to show The High Hand

The word is Ultimatum, can also adress Inconsistent. It summons the Gate nearby itself. It can summon multiple ones. It will only discard all copies of a single card. If multiple cards of same rarity are present, it chooses a random one.
Edit: Oh yea, obviously Abyssian


Does it check your opponents hand to than select,does it check the whole deck or is it completely random?


Ok gonna make it more clear: It checks deck and action bar for legendaries first. Then, if legendaries are present in either of them, he puts all the unique names on a list and discards all copies of one unique name. If no legendaries are present, it checks for Epic and then repeats, if no epics does this for rares and finally commons.


Faction: VANAR

My english is bad so I hope this fit to rules


Mythron Mentalist (0 mana)
Neutral [0/6] (Mythron)
Trial: Your general attacks the enemy general 5 times.
Destiny: Transform ALL other minions and cards into 0/1 Figment structures. Teleport the enemy general to a random space nearby your general. You and your opponent equip three random artifacts.

This card is pretty clearly an Ultimatum. I imagine three scenarios: a death knell for a battered enemy, a tense devolution into cage match, or a Hail Mary in the face of overwhelming odds. The card costs 0 mana to encourage its use immediately after the fifth attack in the Trial, which will give the enemy the first attack against the Mentalist. It will lead to interesting positioning choices before the Trial is complete, I think, and because the artifacts are chosen at random there’s always the chance that it will cause a sudden reversal of fortune.

Or it’s just OP. That seems most likely.


This is Vaath Wincon


vaath is a vaath wincon



Crazed Concoctionist
Neutral Epic Minion
(3) 1/4
At the end of your turn brew a Mysterious Brew (added to your action bar).

Mysterious Brews have a hidden effect based on their colour, which is revealed when cast. All of them are 2 mana spells and randomly choose between one of the effects.

Amber Brew: Deal 3 damage // Restore 3 health to all minions

Golden Brew: Deal 5 damage to the enemy General // your General

Crimson Brew: Give all minions // both Generals +1 attack

Lilac Brew: The next card you play // your opponent plays has its cost reduced by half rounded down


4 days left to submit a card!


LAST DAY to submit a card!

There are only thirteen entries… it seems that as the game dies so does the will to design cards for it. :thonk: Should I cut down the number of nominated cards from 10 to 8? Or even 6?

  • 10
  • 8
  • 6

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Or should I just get rid of nominating all together, and put all thirteen of these cards into a community voting poll?

  • Kill the corruption! No more jury!
  • No, let the jury live.

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im not voting on the second one since i don’t have much experience w/the system. good luck figuring out something that works!


The jury is not corrupt (as far as I know). But why have jury members nominate 10 cards out of 13 for people to vote on when you could just let people vote on all 13?


good point. maybe just change the way it works depending on the amount of entries(?)


That’s what I was thinking. But based on this contest and the last, I don’t expect the number of entries to go up.


who knows? maybe the Gods of RNG will give CPG an accidental tax miscalculation, which would increase there budget for duelyst (?) that would be crazy. lol


Heresy! There is only one true God of RNG: RNGesus Himself! You shall burn in the Pits of Eternal Bad Luck for this insult!

I think the IRS would fix their mistake before long. And the money would go towards Godfall, anyway. :sob:

Truth be told.

Begone, daemon! This is a high-class establishment [tries not to glance at Purification Crusade]!


@darkjovo, @adahuys, @excogitator, you’re fired. I’m sorry.

The Age of Juries is over. Long live the Age of Democracy! Henceforth, previous winners will be called upon to judge only if over twenty people submit card designs (those who have pushed the limits of what is possible will understand the reasoning behind that number).

If this is a terrible decision, hit the Kill-Switch before it is too late:

  • Hit the Kill-Switch
  • Don’t hit the Kill-Switch

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as a proud 'Merica man, i approve of this message. FREEEEEEEEEEDOM!!!